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15,000 Procore Certified Users And Counting

In 2015, we launched the Procore Certification Program, a self-paced, role-based online learning platform that provides any construction professional or student with access to instructional videos to improve and validate their Procore skillset.

Completion of a course earns the user the Procore Certified User moniker; an increasingly valuable workplace designation in the construction sector. In fact, you’ll often see our certified users add the Procore Certification directly to their LinkedIn profiles.

In a little over one year, more than 15,000 users have become Procore Certified––swelling the global ranks of those who can claim that distinction. This means that someone becomes Procore Certified every 17 minutes!

Let’s take a closer look at Procore Certifications by the numbers:

While a broad-based immersion in Procore speaks to the range of tools it has to offer––from drawings and submittals to RFIs and more––the Procore Certification Program can also be leveraged for role-specific training. Role-specific courses in the program include tailored training for architects, subcontractors, superintendents, and engineers. A training course specific to project managers is coming soon.

It’s been our goal to produce the most scalable, time-efficient, and cost-effective onboarding process possible. When all members of a construction company become Procore Certified, their onboarding experience is seamless and the company can reach their ROI goals faster.

The Procore learning experience extends beyond our certification program. Our Procore for University, or Procore U program, is provided free of charge to students enrolled in universities that offer a degree in Construction Management. We also offer construction professionals the opportunity to earn Continuing Education Units (CEU). Procore's Continuing Education courses make up a library of free, on-demand courses, webinars, and presentations. Additionally, construction professionals can stay on top of the latest news and construction trends by reading The Jobsite, Procore’s latest multimedia hub.

The world of construction is complex and constantly evolving. Procore is dedicated to playing an integral role in the ongoing evolution of our common built environment, and we will continue to offer a spectrum of solutions and actionable information to the ever-changing construction sector.