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3 Reasons We Do Revenue Summit, Not Sales Kickoff

Next week, we will be hosting our 2nd annual Revenue Summit. Revenue Summit is a two day kickoff we host at the beginning of each year bringing together our customer-facing teams, including over 700 employees from every Procore office across the globe. This year, we will be hosting the event at Procore’s headquarters.

While the revenue team has always worked closely to support our mission and our commitment to the customer, Revenue Summit is an opportunity to be intentional about bringing together all of the customer facing roles.

Our goal is to stay focused on how we deliver the best experience for our employees and customers. The intention of this summit is to bring everyone who touches the customer together, rather than setting apart the sales team. This includes employees across Marketing, Business Development, Customer Success and Revenue Operations. We choose to host a Revenue Summit for three reasons:

1. We want to refocus on goals for 2019 - together

The Procore platform is collaborative, bringing everyone together - from the jobsite to the office. We are in the business of ridding the construction industry of silos and we want to make sure they do not exist within our organization. We achieve this by working towards the same goals and by ensuring people have great working relationships, understanding each other and their respective roles in delivering customer success.

Our 2019 goal for Revenue Summit is to reach peak performance, you know, that feeling of being in the zone--when everything flows. The summit will be an opportunity for our teams to calibrate, share goals, receive additional training and align for 2019 in order to reach our peak performance in the coming year. We know that employee success inevitably leads to customer success so we take every opportunity to further develop and invest in our teams in order to reach our optimal performance.

2. We need to be on the same page with new product initiatives

At Procore, we’re always innovating and evolving the product. Being able to leverage Revenue Summit to share the latest initiatives and product roadmaps is invaluable. Not only does this guarantee that everyone is on the same page, but sharing what we can expect to be developed by our R&D team in the coming months re-energizes and inspires revenue team members. These events provide us with another opportunity to get excited about our product and how it’s revolutionizing the construction industry.

3. We come together, building an even greater sense of unity

At Procore, we build the software that builds the world. Being Chief Revenue Officer of an international, fast-growing, and passionate organization is one of the most challenging and gratifying things I’ve ever done. Inside our company, we help build careers. Working collectively and as a unit, elevates us to levels that are not possible if you’re reaching for them alone. Revenue Summit is important as it gives us the opportunity to reflect on our wins in 2018, and unite across the revenue organization in 2019. Investing in Revenue Summit to develop the cross-functional relationships within the company is key to determining how we’ll continue to grow individually and scale together.

We are excited about the dynamic speakers and customers who will be attending to help make this an epic event. Some of the highlights include, Robyn Benincasa who is a world class athlete and leadership speaker as well as Matthew Luhn, a storyteller and branding consultant as our two keynote speakers. We’re partnering with Rise Against Hunger to package over 100,000 meals and we’re inviting customers to tell us first hand stories from the field about how Procore has helped streamline their process and transformed the way they work.

We provide one customer journey and that’s why we host one impactful Revenue Summit and now, we’re just a couple days away until our 2019 event! Follow along with the event through the hashtag #RevSummit19.