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3 Resources Every Enterprise Sales Rep Should Have

As someone who works in Enterprise sales (or aspires to), you know what’s at stake in the role. The job is demanding, and relies on both communication mojo and a granular knowledge of the product. Still, even for the most talented, the road to success is fraught with twists and turns and speed bumps – challenges that are, by their nature, unpredictable. This is what you love about the job, to a point. It’s nice to know when the waters get choppy that your company is supporting you on every side with the resources necessary to make the sales process a seamless and confident journey, from the first connection to closure. We spoke with one of our Enterprise Account Executives, Ryan Fishel, on how Procore sets him up for success.

Ryan’s track record speaks for itself, loudly and happily. As a software sales rep for over 13 years, and having worked with some of the biggest Big Shots in the biz (Hewlett Packard, Cisco, Oracle), he’s seen firsthand how the kingpins operate, and has come to know exactly what he needs from an organization in order to excel. Now working in Enterprise Sales with Procore Technologies – the world’s #1 Construction Management Software company – Fishel highlights three key resources that have long been central to his success as a sales rep:

1) A Powerful Sales Team.
Organizations large and small need to employ “layered thinking” when structuring their teams for success. With 150+ people in Procore’s sales org, Ryan was “beyond impressed” with the quality, enthusiasm and rigor of the Business Development and Market Response teams. “A lot of organizations will have some degree of collaboration, but the unity I see in the Procore Sales team is absolutely unheard of.” To demonstrate the crazy-integrated nature of this high-octane team, Ryan recalls the recent glide-path of an inbound. “A corporate Vice President came in through Procore’s 1-800 line. Within 45 minutes he was deep in conversation with our sales team and me. That’s unheard of.”

2) Talented Executive Leadership.
A company’s executive leadership will determine the direction, success, and presentational personality of the organization, so it’s critical that an Account Exec have absolute confidence in that executive team. When Ryan met Procore’s team, he instantly recognized an executive cadre whose collective strength comes from a deep well of experiential diversity. “I immediately saw how intelligent and driven they were with their very different and wildly successful backgrounds. I knew I would be properly managed with the right amount of autonomy.” It’s important that you don’t feel you have to labor under pressure in order to crush your number. Talented and experienced leadership understand the nuances of the sales dynamic – the humanity of the transaction – and can be counted on to provide the informed support and backup needed to ensure you have continued success.

3) Addressable Market x Amazing Product = S-U-C-C-E-S-S.
The most effective selling is driven by the Account Exec’s confidence in the product, and in the power of its utility in a stable and growing addressable market. Ryan knows these two interlocking factors are key to his success going forward. Procore has earned that seller-confidence, with timing that couldn’t have been better. The Construction sector is a comparative latecomer to the “digital efficiency” party. Today, the business sector’s loving embrace of mobile tech dovetails uncannily with Procore’s 13 year-old rollout of a model that seems almost to have seen the future. Mobile not only brings scattered project teams together in a virtual (but conversationally real-time) room, it also leverages incredible reporting and forecasting tools made possible by mobile’s data stream. When construction firms that now belatedly acknowledge the need for modern tech look up from their reports to check the landscape, Procore is all foreground. They’ve been standing there for awhile.

When asked what surprised him most about joining the Procore team, Ryan is unwavering in his reply; he draws his momentum directly from the beauty and power of the product he is selling. “I’ve never seen anything like it. It may sound like a predictable thing to say, but the product is seriously what makes my job the easiest. I have confidence in what I am selling, and I know the success will continue to be there.”

Since coming aboard, Ryan has owned it. This energized Account Exec wasted no time marshaling the resources Procore made available to him. He has made an incredible impact in his territory, closing three net new accounts in his first 6 months. Yeah, he knew that construction was the second most addressable market, and yeah, he also knew the Procore product dominated its sector of the marketplace with its blue-chip client list and excited innovation culture. Still, he was “amazed” by the inbound interest, a testament to the quality of the software.

“What makes Procore as a company unique is its differentiation: the company’s compensation model, the informally collaborative nature of work environment. When it came down to Procore and another offer, I chose Procore because of everything that I see in it: culture, leadership, opportunity. Money never entered my thought process when evaluating Procore. I saw my career trajectory, the company’s trajectory, and I grabbed at the chance to be a part of the growth story. The unique Procore experience gives me a really interesting edge for the rest of my career.”