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Aligning company strategy to construction projects

When CEOs talk strategy, 70% of the company doesn't get it. - Forbes Magazine

Construction companies are great at executing complex projects with rigorous demands of safety, budget, schedule and quality. If you’re using Procore, you’re ahead of the pack and already have a great collaborative environment for all your projects, dependencies, and tasks.

However, with increasing competition, cost pressures and more uncertainty in the industry, tactical excellence alone is not enough. To rise to the top of your niche, you need to apply the same execution rigor and excellence to the way you define and manage strategic objectives that span across your projects.

GoalCheck.In is now available in the Procore marketplace and helps AEC companies make their strategy work, by transforming the way their teams plan and execute together. GoalCheck.In integrates directly with Procore, so your company can build, launch, fly and land strategic goals using the widely proven OKR (Objectives and Key Results) structure, and link these goals directly to Procore projects and tasks. This provides your entire company with visibility into strategic objectives, and a way to align priorities across functions, levels, and locations.

Here is an example of how this integration would work. A CEO would define a company’s top level goals, and tag contributors to support these goals, which would typically be department heads. The department head might then define her own goals and build her “goal circle” by tagging people whose contributions and advice she needs to achieve her goals. In turn, project executives under the department head would be prompted to define their objectives and tag their goal circles of contributors and advisors. Using this process, your company’s core values, mission and strategy can be operationalized into cascaded goals that every level in the organization can relate to.

As a result of using this integration with Procore:

  1. Project executives can run their projects within the greater context of corporate priorities while balancing the various demands from headquarters.
  2. Opportunities for better knowledge sharing across project teams are crystalized under an overall corporate directive.
  3. Each project then becomes a building block toward greater cohesion and effectiveness for the company as a whole, as the learnings from one project team are able to positively impact the next.

With GoalCheck.In, your organization has a simple, effective way to align priorities and define the Habits, Tasks and CheckIns that will help your teams build a positive culture of aspiring to the highest goals, then innovating, succeeding and growing together.

Visit GoalCheck.In’s integration in Procore’s marketplace, and make your strategy work, together!

About the authors

Santosh Sreenivasan is the founder and CEO of both GoalCheck.In and DataIn2it, a software company based in Austin, TX that offers products and solutions to help teams achieve outstanding results through improved trust and collaboration.

Tom Jodeit is a Strategic Product Consultant at Procore Technologies where he works to help construction professionals manage risk and build quality projects — safely, on time, and within budget.