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Announcing Procore Community Meetings: Creating spaces that bring users face-to-face

We’re excited to share that we have revamped and rebranded Procore’s User Group program to be officially called “Procore Community Meetings.”

Two years ago, we launched Procore Community - the online platform for Procore customers, collaborators, partners, and employees to connect. With over 43,000 Community members and over 100 Community Groups, Procore Community is the online destination for construction professionals to share Procore best practices, discuss industry topics, and inspire one another.

We’re excited to share that Community members can now connect “face-to-face” through Procore Community Meetings. We’ve always believed that communities are best built face-to-face, and Procore Community Meetings now make that possible.

“One of the best meetings we ever had with the group. The platform worked flawlessly.” - Michelle Palys, Greycor, Chicago Community Leader

Procore Community Meetings are customer-led, face-to-face gatherings of Procore users for the purpose of sharing best practices, discussing Procore releases, and learning from one another. In short, when Community Groups get together, they have Community Meetings. This new platform allows community leaders to host both in-person and virtual meetings along with expanding Community Meetings to include “professional focuses” like Women in Construction.

You can now view the new page at procorecommunitymeetings.com and RSVP to Community Meetings in your area, or around your professional interest. Everyone is welcome to join. Check out the website to connect with people in Chicago, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Miami, Denver, Portland, Houston, Dallas, Charlotte, Salt Lake City, and other cities.

Interested in starting your own Community Meeting in your city or around a professional focus? Visit the “Become a Leader” page to learn more.

Procore encourages Community Members to follow federal, state, and local regulations or guidelines regarding COVID-19 safety and prevention measures when planning in-person gatherings.