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Announcing the Procore ERP Connector Platform to Deliver Real-time Cost Data to Everyone

Understanding the health of a construction project requires accurate and timely financial information. With the constant stream of changes that occur on any project, it's difficult to keep your project team’s management tools in sync with your enterprise resource planning software.

“People often think of project execution as being separate from project accounting, when they are really two sides of the same coin. When gaps exist between accounting and operations systems, teams must not only spend extra time entering and reconciling information––they are also forced to make decisions without the information they need,” said Tooey Courtemanche, Procore founder and CEO. “This can create blind spots in the financial health of a project and lead to risks. Procore marries these two historically disjointed sets of information into a seamless collaborative solution. With the new Procore ERP Connector platform, our customers can connect to any accounting system and have real-time access to their project financial data across the project lifecycle.”

A connected platform for the future

The Procore platform includes Project Financials, a project cost management solution built to give you real-time insight into the financial health of your projects with centralized, accurate data connecting all stakeholders.

To further help companies solve the problem of disconnected project teams and data, Procore has launched its global ERP Connector platform, and four new Procore-built accounting integrations. Integrating your ERP system to Procore:

  • Improves your teams’ decision-making capabilities with real-time project cost data. Provides both your project and accounting teams with immediate access to accurate and timely project information they need to be successful.
  • Builds confidence that your data is accurate and free from errors. Helps to eliminate the risk of data integrity issues that arise when teams are required to manually enter data into two different systems.
  • Facilitates collaboration and participation of your teams by supporting how and where team members work. Project teams can enter data any time, anywhere, through Procore. And accounting teams can work in the corporate accounting system.

Before using a Procore accounting integration, JR Allen from Rabren Construction said, “We built an amusement park down in Gulf Shores and we ended up missing out on substantial savings. The guys didn’t have updated information quickly. They didn’t have the access they needed.”

Procore already supports robust accounting connectors to industry-leading ERP systems, and now it also offers companies the ability to integrate with additional ERP or accounting systems. This is because the Procore platform empowers third-party app developers to leverage Procore’s API to build integrations with the functionality that Procore-built accounting integrations deliver, so your field and office teams can collaborate in real time.

“We love working with Procore,” expressed Robert Leighton from Calance, a Procore App Marketplace developer. “Their APIs are solid, reliable, extensive, and the API support team at Procore is great to work with. Procore has enabled us to create new capabilities and features for our mutual customers.”

Making money should be a shared responsibility

“It is all of our jobs to make money,” stated Morgan Traynor at Procore’s Cost Management Summit in April.

This is why a project cost management solution has been a top priority for Procore over the last two decades. No longer is it only the job of accounting to manage costs, it is a shared responsibility of both project and accounting teams. You are always going to need your ERP and your accounting platform, but we need those to plug into the tools that your teams are using for Project Management and Financial Management because the changes happen in the field. In order to capture this cost information in real time across your field and office teams, your systems must be connected.

In addition to launching the ERP Connector platform, Procore is also launching four new Procore accounting integrations for Sage Intacct, Yardi Voyager, Acumatica, and MRI Platform X. Procore now directly offers nine Accounting Connectors, including: Sage 300 CRE, Sage 100 Contractor, Sage Intacct, Yardi, MRI, Acumatica, Quickbooks Desktop, Viewpoint Vista, and Viewpoint Spectrum.*

In addition, dozens of partner-built accounting integrations to leading ERP systems are available through the Procore App Marketplace.

To learn more about how you can connect your systems and to stay in the know on our newest releases, visit our website, our App Marketplace, or schedule some time to talk with us.

*Some of these integrations were built in partnership with third-party developers and are not affiliated with the owner of the integrated application. All product names, logos, brands, trademarks, and registered trademarks of the integrated applications are property of their respective owners.