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August Integration Roundup - new tools for your construction tech toolbox

Here is another monthly roundup of the partners who have joined our App Marketplace in the last month. Our goal is to improve efficiency on the job site through integration and streamlined workflows—giving you the option to use the tools that work for you.

Visit the Procore Marketplace to see if these integrations fill a workflow gap or if they are already part of your tech stack.

Project Management Tools

Procore Imports
With the Procore Imports app, you can bring in large chunks of data all directly from your desktop to Procore. Procore Imports is a free, desktop software program that you can download and install on a computer running Windows 7 or newer. It's designed to give individuals a convenient method for importing large sets of data to Procore.

Onware Sync
Onware Sync is a cloud-based platform that will integrate different construction management software applications such as Onware and Procore. Onware Sync is set to run automatically in the background to collect and process information from one system and inputs it to the next system of choice. The system will regularly pull data to keep everything in sync for you. By integrating your systems, you can improve productivity and focus on more important aspects of your project.

QR Inventory
QR Inventory gives you an option to track job site assets and inventory in real time, with minimal learning curve and no interruption to the job site business operations. All collected data is sent to the cloud, so administrators have a real time view of business operations across all job sites via the web dashboard. Procore integration lets you link QR Inventory transactions to Procore daily logs (Delivery or Quantity).

GoalCheck.In enables AEC companies to effectively manage their strategic objectives through a structured process of defining goals, socializing them and proactively scheduling check-ins. Each goal goes through a structured sequence of building, launching, flying and landing. CheckIn questions and sequences can be customized and shared, enabling effective collaboration, learning and best practice sharing. GoalCheck.In integrates with Slack, Asana, Procore and other environments to help teams collaborate on goals using familiar tools.

EcoDomus Connector provides an ability to synchronize EcoDomus Issues to Procore RFIs. This feature allows promptly creating RFIs that arise during the collaboration work on a project or during the operation using EcoDomus application and BIM technology.

iConstruct Clash
Clash bundles some of our most popular clash management tools together into an efficient ribbon-based UI for a faster clash experience. iConstruct Clash helps you to save valuable time with a set of essential clash feature, by allowing you to quickly group and review clashes, as well as creating viewpoints with one simple click.

Financial Tools

Jonas Enterprise - Beta
The Jonas Integration with Procore provides an efficient and accurate means to synchronize data between the two systems. Saving time and eliminating errors associated with dual-entry and without the need to do any importing/exporting. Share data for projects, purchase orders, and subcontracts. It allows the flexibility of utilizing templates so that created objects inherit the cost codes, cost types, and mappings from the job (project) template.

Power Tools
Our accounting software is seamlessly integrated with Procore and provides field teams real-time access to financial data. Eliminates double-entry and gives project managers one-click access to accurate job costing information on the construction site. Integration between our software is real-time using API endpoints. No need to manually import/export data between our software suites.

Frameworks ERP Integration
Frameworks is a completely configurable integration environment which enforces all necessary business rules and logic, records the success or failure of each transaction, and creates a log of all transactions related to the integrated application(s). The integration(s) can be configured to run manually, by schedule, or even configured to look for specific data conditions.

Field Productivity

Sage 100 Contractor Timesheet Integrator
This utility imports data from Procore's Timesheets into Sage 100 Contractor's Daily Payroll. This will import your employee's time with job, department, equipment usage and other parameters you might have set up in TimeSheets that are able to be sent to Sage 100 Contractor's daily payroll.