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Brains, meet brawn—brought to you by Procore

Athletics, technology, and construction? Check mate.

You might think the emerging sport of chess boxing couldn't have less in common with the construction industry. But you'd be very, very wrong.

Imagine this:

A fierce struggle requiring both might and mind. A world that rewards not just strength of body, but strength of character. Where champions are defined by how well they perform under pressure and where fortunes can be lost in a moment of carelessness.

Sound familiar? If so, you might have more in common with chess boxers than you originally thought.

As the new Senior Vice President of Marketing at Procore, I wanted to explore different ways to connect to new audiences. Sure, our NASCAR sponsorship is great, but the problem is those darn cars kept crashing. So we went looking for something bigger. Something bolder.

Procore wanted to partner with a sport that truly embodies the creative problem-solving and tireless work ethic of the construction industry. While we considered many contenders such as the Olympics, the Super Bowl, and even NFL stadiums, there was only one true champ. With chess boxing, we’re positioned at the exciting intersection of brute strength and ancient strategy—equal parts Bobby Fisher and Muhammed Ali.

Today’s construction professional needs more than the physical ability to get the job done. They need to be able to see three moves ahead of the industry. No one understands this challenge better than chess boxers.

As this partnership develops and matures, you’ll learn that what it takes to win on the jobsite is exactly what it takes to win in the ring—uh, we mean chessboard. Or whatever they call it. We'll find out.

Our involvement in chess boxing is more than just another endorsement. It’s who we aspire to be—champions of brain and brawn.