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Building Procore’s Vision for the Future of Preconstruction

Over the next few years, we will see massive innovation in preconstruction. The shift to an iterative design and build process has been underway for years, and preconstruction is no longer a time-bound phase. Instead, the design and constructability process and every project stakeholder are in the same room during preconstruction.

Good preconstruction can mitigate many issues, including supply chain, materials, rework, schedule and budget. Procore and FMI’s 2022 State of Global Preconstruction Report found that organizations with effective preconstruction report 40% higher client satisfaction, resulting in repeat business. Report respondents stated that increasing complexity, accelerated delivery schedules and supply chain were the most important reasons for making preconstruction an investment priority.

Currently, preconstruction is an amalgamation of disconnected solutions. Data from the above report shows us that the majority of respondents are using isolated tools for preconstruction, which hinders collaboration, knowledge sharing, information flow, and the power of data analytics. Conversely, respondents ranked the ability to leverage technology as their least challenging aspect of preconstruction. This tells us the industry knows technology can solve many of the pain points in preconstruction, and they are willing to make preconstruction an investment priority once technology delivers a united, collaborative solution that meets their needs.

As preconstruction and course of construction collapse into an asynchronous process, Procore is committed to delivering a preconstruction solution that is embedded and connected throughout all phases of projects, from design to close out. To enhance our offerings in the preconstruction realm, we’re excited to announce a closer partnership with Bespoke Metrics, a data management and analytical model development company. COMPASS by Bespoke Metrics is a leading prequalification platform that supports data collection, verification and analytics across the entire construction supply chain.

The COMPASS integration with Procore will allow mutual customers to leverage best-in-class Procore Bidding and Prequalification tools, while connecting qualification data into Procore’s project management and financials solutions. This will provide an even more holistic preconstruction solution.

The integration will streamline the bidding process by making it easier for general contractors to find and hire prequalified specialty contractors by integrating Procore’s Bidding, Procore Construction Network and Bespoke Metrics’ Prequalification tools. This naturally helps save time and reduce the risk of hiring unqualified or unreliable specialty contractors.

In addition, the integration provides more detailed information about each specialty contractor in the bidding process, helping general contractors make more informed decisions -- reducing the risk of hiring specialty contractors that are not financially stable, which can lead to project delays or even failures. Making better decisions early on helps customers mitigate rework and materials waste, ultimately helping reduce the carbon footprint of a project.

When customers have design and constructability, and each stakeholder is in the same room during the preconstruction phase, the project is likely to be safer, higher quality, and everyone can improve profitability.

Procore participated in the Advancing Preconstruction conference on May 24-26 in Phoenix, Arizona. Procore’s Kristin Warner, senior product marketing manager of preconstruction, and Bruno Pasini, a solutions engineer of overlay preconstruction, hosted a standing-room-only session focusing on how to transform the preconstruction process into a competitive advantage. In addition, Procore’s Jeremey Chasen presented with our partner Zebel on how to leverage historical data from Procore’s Financial Management Solution inside of Zebel’s conceptual estimating product.

To learn more about Procore’s vision for the future of preconstruction, join us on June 14th at 9AM PST for our Maximizing Efficiency with 3D Takeoff for Procore Estimating webinar.