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Building with Meaning: Robins & Morton Demonstrates the Power of Construction for Community

Our customers know how to build when it’s needed most. With the intention of accelerating the construction of emergency relief facilities, we launched our COVID-19 product donation program for customers.

One year later, we honor the innovation of one of its recipients, Robins & Morton, a US-based healthcare construction company, who converted 250,000 square feet of the Miami Beach Convention Center into a 450-bed field hospital in less than fourteen days.

Robins & Morton converted 250,000 square feet of the Miami Beach Convention Center into a 450-bed field hospital. Image provided by Boss Talk Productions. 

The Army Corps of Engineers in Florida worked alongside state and local officials to find creative uses of space to prepare for an incoming surge of COVID-19 patients and ease the pressure on hospitals in the Miami Beach-area. Robins & Morton responded to the critical nature of the project and put key team members in place within 24 hours of being awarded the contract.

Despite the logistical challenges the project presented, more than 250 team members worked between two shifts to install features including medical gas lines, plumbing, and oxygen for 400 acute care patient rooms, 50 isolation rooms, nurses stations and support areas.

Image provided by Boss Talk Productions. 
“The construction community really rallied behind this project. We assembled a team of more than 40 South Florida trade contractors and vendors to help us, and their commitment was a key piece to its success. It was personal since South Florida is home for everyone,” said Johnathan Peavy, senior project manager at Robins & Morton. “Additionally, the many vendors — from food service, to local hotels, and material procurement — that helped us facilitate the endless list of logistical needs were extremely accommodating. It was evident that we were all racing to the finish line together.”

Their Building Forward® approach brings Robins & Morton's culture of caring about their clients, employees, trade contractors and communities to the forefront in every aspect of their company, holding them accountable to carry that culture forward.

Image provided by Boss Talk Productions. 

Procore launched a product donation program for customers working on COVID-19 emergency relief projects around the same time that the project kicked off. The Miami Beach Convention Center Alternate Care Facility project was one of the several projects that qualified for the donation and received access to the platform and customer support at no additional cost.

“This was certainly a once-in-lifetime project, not only from a construction perspective but also because of the circumstances that motivated it,” Peavey explained. “This past year has been a really challenging time in history and building in the midst of it has been incomparable to any other economic or public health issue that I’ve experienced.”

The project team’s shared dedication to building with the purpose of protecting the lives of its community members not only beat the tight deadline, but won national recognition of the construction industry at large.

Robins & Morton recently received an Eagle Award, equivalent to first place, for the Miami Beach Convention Center Alternate Care Facility project from the National Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Excellence in Construction awards.

The ABC Excellence in Construction award program was developed to celebrate the nation’s most complex, uniquely challenged, innovative and high-quality projects. The Miami Beach Convention Center Alternate Care Facility was just one of the three awards that Robins & Morton received this past year.  

Procore is proud to partner with Robins & Morton and is dedicated to making it easier for the construction industry to make a difference. Our COVID-19 Emergency Relief program supported over $204 million in project costs for our customers. To find out how Procore is dedicated to advancing the construction industry through advocacy, education, and technology, visit procore.org.