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Celebrating Leadership in Construction: Procore Sponsors ABC’s Young Professional of the Year Award

At Procore, one of our goals is to build up the next generation of leaders in the construction industry. We’re excited to announce that Procore sponsored the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Young Professional of the Year Award 2024, which recognizes industry professionals under the age of 40 employed by ABC member companies. Winners are chosen based on leadership qualities, career achievement and vision for the future of commercial and industrial construction.

This year’s winner is Mike Menke, project manager for FCI Constructors Inc which is based in Grand Junction, Colorado. The announcement was made at the ABC Convention 2024 in Orlando, Florida. Mike has nearly 10 years of experience in the industry and is described as an innovative, young construction professional who has invested a lot of his time and talents to better the industry.

I had the opportunity to speak with Mike at the ABC Convention after he won his award to learn more about his background and what it takes to be a leader in construction.

Mike shared that one of the most impactful ways that he has been able to showcase his leadership skills is by being an avid mentor and one of the founding members of FCI’s Internship Committee. This program aims to provide the next generation of workers with the right tools and knowledge to succeed. With the labor shortage still taking a toll on the construction industry, it is necessary to have programs like FCI’s Internship Committee that are helping to tackle the problem head on. For those who are looking to break into the construction field, Mike’s top piece of advice is to remain flexible and open to whatever opportunities that are available.

Within the Procore ecosystem, we use the term Groundbreaker to describe individuals that are leading the front, and setting the limits of what is possible in our industry. Mike exemplifies what it means to be a Groundbreaker, and shares what that means to him:

“I think a Groundbreaker is someone who thinks innovatively. They're the first person to literally put that shovel in the ground and move it through. So when I extrapolate that thought in my mind, who was the first person that put that shovel in the ground? And that can be anything from an approach to a project, a scheduling type, a sequencing, you think about maybe a tilt up building in that way in some way, shape or form.”

As Procore looks to help build the next generation of leaders, it is important to recognize and work closely with young leaders such as Mike to ensure our industry continues to move forward. Check out ABC’s interview with Mike Menke as well to learn more about his career journey and how he became the leader he is today.

Interested in growing your career in construction? Check out Procore.org for educational resources around building inclusion, continuing education, safety, and DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging).