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DocuSign Integration Streamlines Documents and Contracts for Construction OS

Our latest integration takes what has already become an indispensable, industry standard digital tool and puts it at your project’s fingertips. With Construction OS, we’ve built a multi-layered platform that has an API, a marketplace, and a forward-looking vision of how to get all this data to everybody. Of course it should be connected to the most trusted electronic signature solution for regulated industries and markets. That’s where DocuSign as the pioneer and global standard for eSignature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) comes in.

Welcome, DocuSign to the Procore App Marketplace!

For any Procore users who haven’t yet gone digital with DocuSign’s DTM platform and eSignature service, here’s a quick rundown of the benefits that our new integration brings to your business:

  • Reduce Risk Through Improved Security and Compliance: DocuSign is more secure than the traditional wet signature. A legally-enforceable audit trail is issued with every transaction, keeping record of the actions taken on the electronic document. The document and the audit trail are also sealed with a tamper-evident seal. DocuSign helps individuals and companies come to agreement quickly and securely – with trust and confidence.

  • Lower Costs: Printing, faxing, scanning and overnighting costs become a thing of the past when you go digital with DocuSign. Project clients and contractors can receive, review and return their DocuSign contracts online, at any time, from any Internet-enabled device. This eliminates any costs associated with paper use since all documents are securely accessed, sent and stored online in DocuSign and Procore.

  • Increased Efficiency & Workflow: DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform and eSignature service will free up your staff from tedious administrative tasks like tracking the status of documents and rekeying data from paper agreements. Instead the status and live document can be viewed in Procore allowing project teams to focus their time and energy on higher value tasks such as mobilization, budgeting, forecasting and project managing.

Any Procore user can enable this integration and begin signing contracts and change orders digitally.

And there’s much more in store. Here’s a peek at what we have planned to enrich and enhance the integration:

  1. Extend the integration to Prime PCO’s so that a user can send a project owner change orders for approval.
  2. Ability to combine attachments and the pdf template as one document to send for electronic signature via DocuSign. For example, if you have contract exhibits, proposals attached to a contract or change order, you will be able to send all these documents to DocuSign as one envelope.
  3. A configuration for DocuSign to change the status automatically on Procore subcontracts, purchase orders, prime contracts and all change orders so that a user does not have to manually change the statuses.

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