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Procore Employees Across the Globe Participate in CORE Day and Open Up the New L&D Center

Tuesday, we kicked off CORE Day with Procore President, Steve Zahm, cutting the ribbon for our new Learning and Development center. The space is designed with the intention of investing in employees and continuing their development beyond a day-to-day work environment. Procore is invested in employees and this is one way we show it.

"The Procore Learning Center is a strategic investment in our people. We believe that every investment in the development of our employees will eventually pay off tenfold." -Gregory Gills, Director of Learning and Development

What is CORE?
CORE was created by the Learning & Development team to help frame our development opportunities at Procore, focusing on four primary areas:

  • Personal - How can we help you develop your personal life? We don’t live compartmentalized lives. Our personal lives matter, and we want to help you thrive personally.
  • Professional - How can we help you master your craft? We want you to be the best at what you do.
  • Leadership - How can we help you maximize your influence in every circle of life? You are leaders, and we want to help increase your leadership capacity.
  • Construction - How can we help you continue to learn more about the industry we serve and the product we produce? We want to help you increase your knowledge of Procore and the construction industry.

What is CORE Day?
CORE Day is held quarterly and hosts an all encompassing day of interactive experiences designed to develop and grow all four elements of our CORE. Each experience specifically focuses on either Personal, Professional, Leadership, and/or Construction.


This CORE Day, the leadership development portion was led by Vernice ‘Flygirl’ Armour who encouraged employees to consider their dreams and discuss movements upward and onward. She encouraged employees to challenge themselves and not allow circumstances or limitations to deter them in pursuing dreams or advancing in their career. She asked employees to consider two questions during the session:

  1. Where do you need to give yourself permission to engage?
  2. What is your gutsy move?

She left employees with this advice:


“Acknowledge the obstacles, don’t give them power.”


In order to contribute to employee construction knowledge, team members participated in the “Brick by Brick” activity. “Brick by Brick” was developed by a small team of Procore leaders that saw a need for hands-on training to teach internal employees about Procore's financial tools and industry processes. They designed an interactive game that combines toy building material, the Procore mobile app, and the basics of construction financial management to let players walk a day in the boots of a small general contractor.


Each office celebrated CORE Day in their own way. Austin enjoyed a special morning treat from Voodoo Doughnuts, and Willmar, San Diego, New York, and Portland enjoyed a happy hour, while the Australia office crushed “Brick by Brick” for the first time.


Our very own Harrison Doyle, Cristi Williams, and an all star team of Excel Wizards led an experiential class covering tips and tricks for using Excel. Feedback was off the charts and we are already fielding requests for more Excel Wizardry experiences.


We asked our team about their bucket list dreams. With an exhaustive response ranging from swimming with sharks to exploring the Great Wall of China, we decided to partner with local Virtual Reality vendors in each office and offer a VR “Bucket List” experience. Combined with community building happy hour, each office hosted a fun, engaging, and interactive virtual reality experience.

Not only does CORE Day emphasize learning and development for employees, but we use this day as an opportunity to bring ALL employees together across the world to grow together. We plan to utilize the new learning and development center to onboard and unite employees who will be sent to new offices all over the world as we expand globally. CORE Day will be the event that reunites our employees every quarter and encourages growth across the company.