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Empowering Contractors to Make Smarter Workforce Decisions Through Data

Data is the lifeblood of construction, yet it is often inefficiently scattered across an organization, unable to supply stakeholders with key information. When up-to-date, properly disseminated, and available at a moment’s notice, data can support construction forecasting, labor planning, field scheduling and more. With Workforce Planning, contractors can better manage their most important asset — their people.

Digitized Data, Accurate Answers‍

Many contractors rely on siloed pools of data housed in spreadsheets, analog solutions like whiteboards or even paper. When information is fragmented in this way, there is bound to be double data entry and inaccuracies, resulting in unnecessary work across the organization. Contractors are left making redundant phone calls and emails to field and office employees alike, just trying to stay up-to-date.

Proper workforce planning, however, provides a safe and secure solution to house and leverage data. With this workforce data, there is a single source of truth that provides a way to stay informed, across the board and easily communicate updates out individually or collectively.

Data for Construction, Built by Construction

Some contractors try their hand at creating construction workforce software in-house. However, limitations usually pop up that require more work to maintain than it’s worth long-term. If contractors are forced to rely on faulty digital information, they are no better off than using a whiteboard.

Construction planning and scheduling must be efficiently supported by a robust, streamlined process. Where in-house construction software struggles, contractors can find a solution with Procore Workforce Planning, built by construction, for construction.

Eliminating the Guessing Game of Human Error‍

Human errors like fat-finger mistakes are a fact of life in every organization, no matter the industry. Simultaneously, contractors have a meticulous history to look back on that informs their decisions on future projects, bids and laborers. From onboarding a new employee to assigning their first schedule, cloud-based Workforce Planning is the solution to ensure accurate information for everyone.

Data to Reinforce Data ‍

Across the board, contractors waste hours every week trying to connect the dots between fragmented data in numerous, unnecessary labor meetings. For some organizations, these meetings typically end in frustration and manual entry. With better, digitized workforce planning, data is right the first time around. If your organization is seeking aligned, up-to-date information, get a demo to discover what Procore Workforce Planning can do for you.