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The People of Procore: Nick Snodgrass, Director of Mobile Product

Procore is full of talented people with diverse skill sets and interesting stories to tell. In this series, we spend time getting to know some of the people that make up Procore.

Nick Snodgrass is Procore’s Director of Product for Mobile, where he leads the team that makes managing construction easy from anywhere. They are currently focused on making Procore’s applications across iOS, Android, and Windows as easy-to-use as any world-class consumer product.

What originally captured your interest in the tech field?

I originally started my career in what was called the “convergence” space in the Cable/Digital Content Distribution industry at Technicolor. There was this wild idea that people were not going to get all of their content through cable or DVD’s. Funny enough, this example is not taken from the antiquities of lost history. It was in 2010!

My interest was captured when I saw technology drive changes in how content was financed, created, post-produced, distributed, and consumed. It was not just better internet connections that made this huge change possible to an entire vertical market, but an entire industry of talented folks innovating almost every aspect of the video supply chain and consumer experience. That disrupting aspect of an industry by means of technology is what excites me. It’s not just one person having an “aha!” moment. It’s a tidal wave of business thinking and engineering.

What is your favorite mobile app?

One of my most recent favorite mobile experiences was in fact not an application at all. Peach launched in Seattle and they created the most compelling lunch delivery experience by using one of the simplest interfaces: text messaging. After signing up and providing credit card details on their webpage, every weekday morning customers receive a text message with 1-3 meal options. Just text back “yes” and your hot, delicious lunch was delivered to your building by noon. It was insanely frictionless and convenient.

What influenced your decision to join Procore?

The final push for me was when my now boss, Brandon Terry, shared an anecdote about our CEO, Tooey, in my interview. Tooey was inspired by a video of a retired Naval officer speaking on the topic of Commander’s Intent and how it is a Procore requirement for every employee to see the video during new hire orientation. This was the first time after my seven years out of the Army that I felt like a civilian (let alone an entire company) understood what veterans bring to the table.

How does Procore compare to other places you’ve worked?

Coming from Amazon, one of the things that really attracted me to Procore was how the company is entirely focused on the customer. The Procore product team spends months collectively with customers during the course of any given year. It is unique to find a company that continues to work backwards from their customers, as Procore and Amazon have done, even after achieving a strong product-to-market fit. It isn’t an easy thing to maintain, but when it is baked into the culture, the competitive advantage is game changing.

How would you describe your leadership style?

Stealing from Bill Treasurer (author of “Leaders Open Doors”), I believe that leaders should find and match opportunities with their people. When I think back on the best managers I have had in my career, they enabled me to do my best work by finding those opportunities that aligned with my passions and my career goals. This helped me gain new skills, make bigger contributions, and ultimately succeed in my career. That’s the sort of leader I aim to be.

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