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The People of Procore: Wade Fraser, Sr. Business Development Representative

In this series, we spend time getting to know some of the people who make up the Procore culture.

Wade Fraser is a Senior Business Development Representative in Procore’s Toronto office. Wade identifies potential clients and strategically conveys Procore’s value for a company's individual needs. He loves seeing his work drive company growth and promoting Procore brand awareness in Canada.

How did you get into sales?

Like many salespeople I know, I sort of walked into this field. I studied science at university but didn’t foresee myself pursuing a career in it upon graduation. After spending a few years at a financial company, a couple of friends encouraged me to give tech sales a shot. At first, I more or less laughed at the idea. I assumed an introverted science guy and sales didn’t exactly go together. However, the more I looked into it, the more I wanted to give it a go. I joined a growing software company that was building out their first outbound sales team and never looked back. Now, I love sales and want to build my career in it. If you’re willing to put in the work and hone in on your craft, I believe this is an amazing role within a company with tons of opportunity for growth.

What sparked your interest in joining the Procore team?

After hearing about Procore and touring their website, I was impressed by the quality of the content throughout, a testament to the incredible marketing and video teams at Procore. Once I started digging further, it was all about the opportunity. The term “unicorn” is sometimes tossed around in the tech world, but it became clear to me that Procore was legitimately one of these companies. Finally, the company culture seemed like none other. The reviews on Glassdoor were so positive that I actually asked two different managers during my interview process if the reviews were real because they sounded too good to be true. Now that I am a part of the team, I see how they couldn’t be more accurate.

What surprised you when you first started working at Procore?

I immediately recognized how heavily Procore invests in its employees. It started with the onboarding experience. During onboarding, all new employees are brought to headquarters in Carpinteria from places as far as Australia, in order to learn about the company, the industry, and the company culture. What impressed me is that for the entire first week, we hardly spoke about our day-to-day jobs, but focused on how to be better team members and leaders. Company values are more than just words on a wall at Procore, which lends to an amazing environment.

What do you find interesting about the construction industry?

I had no idea how complicated the construction industry is before starting at Procore. I've always associated construction with hard work, but I didn’t anticipate how technical or complex many aspects of the industry are or the volume of people and materials that need to be managed daily. The construction industry is great because it’s all around you. Walking around areas like downtown Toronto and seeing massive projects being built using Procore helps me understand the value of the work that I do every day. I also feel that the people who work in construction are extremely hard-working, dedicated and masters of their craft. Procore has the best customers around.

What is something you’d like to learn?

I would love to learn how to code. I’ve been selling software for the past few years without knowing the details of how it works. That’s something I’d like to change. I just signed up for Code Academy with one of my team members so that we can tackle it as a team.

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