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Skilling Up The Workforce with AGC and Go Build California

Originally published on GoBuildCalifornia.com.

The AGC Construction Education Foundation (AGC CEF), the workforce development arm of the Associated General Contractors of California (AGC), yesterday announced Procore as a Pipeline Partner. The partnership was coordinated through Procore.org and is the first of its kind for the Association.

“The goals of Procore.org align with those of the AGC CEF to educate and support the advancement of the next generation construction workforce,” said Darryl Kysar, director of Procore.org. “By leveraging the best resources of both organizations we’ll be helping to empower the future construction workforce with innovative education and training opportunities.”

As part of their Pipeline Partnership, Procore.org has also committed to support the AGC CEF’s Go Build California workforce development campaign at the Platinum Partner level. As AGC CEF’s first confirmed Platinum Partner for Go Build California, Procore will play a critical role in funding the development and launch of the full Go Build California website and database and in providing additional marketing resources to ensure Go Build California’s brand and message reaches far and wide.

“We are excited to partner with an organization that shares our passion for promoting careers in construction,” said Erin Volk, vice president of workforce and operation for AGC of California and AGC CEF. “This is a tremendous opportunity for us to extend our reach globally and brings momentum to addressing a critical industry issue; workforce development.”

The increased need for workers skilled in the trades have resulted in a greater need to recruit young people into vocational and trade education. Go Build California is recognized by industry and employers as an opportunity to help fill the skilled workforce gap.

“Procore.org’s vision for enhancing our industry and strengthening our future workforce – particularly through the use of new technologies – is a shared goal, and we greatly appreciate their partnership with AGC CEF on Go Build California,” said Bob Woods, CEO/President of Go Build. “With their support, we will deploy the next phase of our efforts with the launch of Go Build California’s website which serves as a critical educational resource and recruitment tool to connect young people and job seekers with the pipeline of opportunities, training, and projects in the state.”

Go Build California, announced in May 2017, is a robust image enhancement and marketing campaign that engages and interacts with young people and their “influencers” on social media, television, at grassroots events and more to highlight the multitude of opportunities that exist in the construction industry. Go Build California’s website and enhanced outreach efforts are expected to launch at the end of January 2018.