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GoFormz Integration Streamlines Field Data Capture & Processing for Construction Projects

What if you could swap your company’s paper forms into sleek digital versions, complete with editable fields and trackable, cloud-based access? Procore’s new integration and partnership with GoFormz, a data-capture platform, does exactly that. With GoFormz, you can create new mobile forms, or upload and digitize your company’s existing custom forms—those with which your team is already familiar. The goal of the integration? To empower and enable construction teams by digitizing, mobilizing, and simplifying their standard company documents. GoFormz is an intuitive interface that can be used offline or online. Once your unique company forms have been digitized, your previously troublesome paperwork can now be digitally routed, stored, and tracked in the Procore project cloud.

The Procore-GoFormz integration takes the busywork, inefficiency, and (yes) frantic searching out of field data collection. Refine and enhance project records by tapping into the full digital potential of project data. Using the Procore-GoFormz integration, teams can increase productivity with an array of uses:

  • Create new Procore projects or initiate change requests directly from the field.
  • Instantly update Procore records with field data collected in mobile forms.
  • Use project IDs to automatically match field data with the appropriate Procore project.
  • Harness Procore webhooks to automatically dispatch pre-populated mobile forms to teams in the field.
  • Easily augment digital forms with attached job site images collected via GoFormz mobile solution.
  • Effortlessly elevate Procore records by collecting richer, more accurate data via dynamic mobile form features like automatic calculations, required form fields, and embedded business logic rules - even while offline!
  • Seamlessly automate the collection, processing and sharing of data.

This integration will prove to be useful for any business looking to digitally transform paper-based processes, and will add more functionality, accuracy, and speed to Procore workflows. Back office teams can utilize the Procore-GoFormz integration to accelerate the delivery, processing and storage of collected field data, reducing administrative demands and overhead. Field teams that still rely on cameras and attachments to gather project images, maps, and sketches, can use the integration to easily collect and centralize these visual information types and instantly save them to Procore. Users can then report on specific forms, or even fields and activities within the forms. All of this leads to tremendous time savings for the parties involved.

Count on better data quality through minimized human error, faster availability of data as back office double entry becomes a thing of the past, and a smoother data collection process across the board. The paper chase is over. Start saving time, and check out the integration now.

About GoFormz
GoFormz is the only platform where mobile forms can look exactly like your existing forms (most form platforms force users to work within a rigid, unfamiliar interface). Working within a familiar interface streamlines on-boarding and user adoption, and allows for the preservation of existing workflows, which can be further enhanced via automations. With mobile forms, your business can standardize and centralize its documentation, while maintaining branding and increasing professionalism. These digital forms can also be embedded with business rules, including skip logic, required fields, dynamic hidden fields, complex auto-calculations, and more.

The Procore-GoFormz integration provides an easy and flexible forms solution for Procore customers who have unique or custom form needs – simply digitize your existing form and make it interactive.