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Growing Influence of Intelligent Construction: How AI is Reshaping the Construction Industry

AI has dominated our headlines and public discourse, as its transformative potential across various industries, from healthcare to finance and beyond, has become undeniable. Machine learning. ChatGPT. Large language models (LLM). Bard. Generative AI. These terms have become inescapable, permeating our digital landscape and reshaping the way we perceive technology and its possibilities.

Increasingly, customers are asking developers to incorporate the power of AI into their platforms and products. However, for years, many tech companies have been influenced by AI technologies, diligently working behind the scenes to put their best features forward and help their users carry out daily tasks.

Transforming Everyday Users into AI-Enabled Experts

AI has become commonplace, seamlessly integrating into our daily routines and transforming the way we interact. Students can use ChatGPT to help write a paper while marketing novices can use generative AI software to design campaign artwork. Another example of AI's impact on our daily lives is the iPhone’s “Suggested Applications” feature. These app suggestions are derived from our own historical data patterns, which encompass the actions and preferences we exhibit on our iPhones. Over time, the AI technology creates a more personalized and efficient user experience.

While some may be concerned about an AI model's susceptibility to errors, rest assured that humans are there to review and enhance the AI output, keeping things in check. Generative AI can also unleash the creative potential of machines, saving users valuable time on tasks like coding, sourcing graphics, and writing marketing copy.

What can AI do for Construction?

Let's consider these concepts from an industry standpoint. Imagine a world where, with a mere question or prompt, users could summarize punch list items, verify submittals, generate initial drafts of RFIs, or review all pending items from their architect in a matter of seconds. AI can streamline menial and time-consuming tasks, allowing construction professionals to redirect their focus toward more impactful tasks.

Generative AI tools based on LLM can enable us to incorporate historical information into our day-to-day workflows. The process of searching for answers can become more precise and drive better decision-making, empowering teams to excel in their work.

The Time for Disruption is Now

As these technologies continue to disrupt, it’s critical the construction industry embrace AI. By providing teams with enhanced information, we can effectively mitigate risk and foster a more secure, tech-driven industry. The approach we adopt to integrate these technologies lies in our hands. If we’re able to accomplish this mission successfully, the built world is our oyster.

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