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Improving Your Company Health and Culture with Procore’s Quality and Safety Solutions

In our recent 2022 ROI of Construction Technology Report, we found that 8 out of 10 respondents who use Procore’s Quality and Safety products agree that Procore has improved their company’s safety programs. This is great for driving safety culture, but how much does this affect the bottom line?

For construction professionals that want to protect and grow their margins in this competitive market, Procore offers a safety solution that delivers real bottom-line reductions in insurance premiums. According to McKinsey, contractors are increasingly investing in technology by automating their processes to drive better outcomes for their businesses.

While many trade professionals have a formalized process for safety, construction professionals who want to drive the most value out of their safety program need to ensure they are executing processes properly while cultivating a supportive safety culture. By streamlining field documentation like job hazard analyses, equipment inspections, and confined space permits, we can better track these critical behaviors and drastically speed up the building process. This allows more time for the field teams to build and safety professionals to monitor the job, ensuring a safer project overall.

Establishing a digitized safety program can:

  • Increase field and collaborator participation by providing a centralized location for field and office staff to plan, execute, and report on safety incidents and help identify leading indicators to prevent future incidents.
  • Ensure standards are met through control methods by adding verification methods and work dependencies, like signatures and blocking functionality.
  • Continuously improve on quality plans and processes by enabling your teams to analyze past incidents and leverage these insights to proactively mitigate incidents in the future.

With Procore, construction professionals can digitize their processes and leverage captured data to continuously drive improvements to their programs. Procore’s robust Quality and Safety solution combined with Procore Analytics allows executives to implement efficient and standardized safety compliance processes across their entire portfolio of projects in order to drive positive outcomes through these safety programs.

"Having the analytics capability in Procore was kind of like, ‘Wow. How can we harness this?’ It’s truly exciting to have that level of information.” - Logan Harper, Senior Project Manager, TDIndustries

One Solution for Process Engagement and Visibility

Historically, documentation on critical business processes are typically spread across teams and tools, which makes it difficult for stakeholders to know if execution is running smoothly, or if a problem has occurred. Procore Action Plans brings all that information together in a single location for everyone in the business to efficiently plan, execute, and report on.

With Action Plans, team members can easily verify completeness and compliance before moving forward to the next stage of a process. With this standardized system of checks and balances, teams are able to identify quality issues before they balloon into bigger problems. Through the use of push notifications, teams can solve engagement and visibility issues and keep everyone on the same page.

For project team members who want better transparency and control, Action Plans can centralize all information about their standard processes and procedures within a single tool. Whether you're using this for mobilization into new areas and need to highlight hazards with a pre-task plan or are managing a critical path (e.g. high visible, high-risk scope items like permanent power to the building), the Action Plans tool is agile enough to accommodate any standard operating procedure with step-by-step sign-off and verification.

Identify Trends and Leverage Insights to Build Better Processes

When users combine Action Plans with Procore Analytics, they can see exactly where their problem areas lie before they start to mobilize crews. By ensuring a proven plan is in place, users can significantly mitigate risk. With Procore Analytics, executives can also analyze historical performance data and determine underlying issues to increase operational efficiency, drive performance, and ultimately achieve higher profitability on higher repeat customer job awards.

If a negative trend is identified across the business, like falling debris in eyes from improper safety glasses being used, a safety manager can use that insight to identify and buy the right equipment, building a better training and messaging process to improve the project team's physical and financial health.

To learn more about how the Procore platform can help you improve your safety program and improve business outcomes, request a demo now.