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Innovative Builder Series: Best Practices for Effective Specialty Contractors

The goal within the construction industry is to get projects completed better, faster, and for less money. Savvy owners and general contractors know that project success is dependent on finding and hiring the right specialty contractors for the job. We want to support you in becoming that right contractor.

First, ask yourself these questions:

  • Can you demonstrate that you meet the most demanding construction standards?
  • Can you bid a job and leave general contractors and owners with the impression that you represent the best value for their money?

In order to help you get a positive response to both of these questions, we're releasing our first three-course program: The Innovative Builder Series: Best Practices for Effective Specialty Contractors.

Our goal is to help you stand out from the crowd, no matter how intense the competition may be. We’ve made it easy for you to complete the courses by going online, accessing sessions on-demand, making the courses interactive, and allowing you to dictate your own pace. Once you’ve completed all three courses, you’ll be given a hard hat badge to display your completion of the coursework.

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Below is an outline of each course we are offering.

Course 1 – Implementing Technology

In our digital era, the openings for specialty contractor differentiation are virtually unlimited. Appreciating the scope of opportunities and how you can harness your business to these, is integral to your ultimate success. We provide you with no-nonsense, cutting-edge methodologies that are realistically applicable in any project scenario. The following are a few of the benefits emerging from this course:

  • Understand a comprehensive range of construction software features & solutions, and enterprise-grade ways to both vet and maximize them for your use.
  • Know, without question, whom to include as participating team members in your company and how to assess their contributions.
  • We outline the potential obstacles of integrating new software into your existing system.
  • Learn Procore’s best practices in upgrading your operations without disruption.

Course 2 – Reducing Rework

Poorly organized documentation and unreliable communications undermine the image of many subcontractors. Don't let this be your legacy or reason for failure to secure the work you covet most. Open yourself up to technology, geared to reduce rework significantly. Enhance the way you navigate change from the field to the office.

Our course will teach you to explore and use tools that have developed state-of-the-art document processing systems and 3D modeling software. In so doing, all but erase ambiguities by revealing the conflicting designs often found in drawings.

Discover a new way of working – built around collaboration and minimizing rework.

The course will cover the following:

  • Defining objectives
  • Identifying the consequences of unmitigated rework, including increased construction costs, schedule delays, and unnecessary stress on working relationships.
  • Outlining the benefits of moving to a cloud-based drawing management system.
  • Summarizing how Building Information Modeling (BIM) software can upgrade your planning process, especially catching rework before it happens.
  • Recognizing the advantages of updated & seamless communications and the value of collaboration with all project stakeholders.

Course 3 – Highly Effective Teams

You know all about on-time delivery. It makes the difference between leaving a project with a shining or tarnished reputation. General contractors, pressured by quality requirements and scheduling constraints, rightly or wrongly transfer their obligations to weigh on your shoulders. It's part-and-parcel of the specialty contractor’s function in the bigger scheme of things. Don't let this disrupt your routine or throw you into panic mode. You have to be ahead of the curve and ready to meet the most demanding of requests even under stressful circumstances.

In this course, we will create a Lean Construction framework to help you identify endemic issues that delay and obstruct your progress.

  • Identify and eliminate wasted time and resources that hold up your project delivery.
  • Leverage the innovations in traditional project scheduling to gain back control of your team's work.
  • Empower team members to perform with autonomy and purpose. Equip them with the right tools and streamlined workflows, no matter the job.
  • Create improved transparency, enhance team morale, and establish the concept of accountability for meeting expected standards.

In summary: discover the culture shifts that are at the root of Lean Construction and your ability to build more effective teams.

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