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June Integration Roundup - new tools for your construction tech toolbox

This is the start of our monthly integration roundups, which will highlight the partners that have expanded the Procore platform and joined the App Marketplace. Every month, we will cover the integrations that were released in the previous month and explain how they can help simplify your workflow. Our goal is to improve efficiency on the job site through integration and streamlined workflows—giving you the option to use the tools that work for you.

Visit the Procore Marketplace to see if these integrations fill a workflow gap or if they are already part of your tech stack.

Document Management Tools

MS Teams Document Integration Services
Integrate Microsoft documents from MS Teams, SharePoint, Office365, or OneDrive directly into Procore Documents. No more trying to maintain a separate set of documents for Procore and for Office365 users. Have all your teams working off the same set of documents.

Pype Closeout
Pype Closeout provides a single portal for closeout documentation management with digital document collection from subcontractors, automated turnover packages and powerful reporting dashboards. With subcontractor outreach automated, the Closeout platform ensures contract compliance and helps you get paid faster.

360 Sync for Windows
360 Sync allows you to link your servers & document management systems together, eliminating double-entry of data & freeing your team up to focus on managing your project instead of pushing paper & managing documents.

Financial Tools

Bldbox Conceptual Estimator
The Bldbox Conceptual Estimator is based on unique-to-user models. Every General Contractor has their own conceptual estimating model, made specifically for them and based on owning their project history. With a customized set of inputs for each project type (apartments, automotive, etc.), Bldbox users can instantly generate cost breakdowns and option out multiple designs for side-by-side comparisons. See our video for a complete walk-through!

Procore and FOUNDATION are best-of-breed systems that together enable the field and office to share key project financial data in order to minimize duplicate entry and help eliminate errors.

MYOB with OneCore
Eliminates the export of data from Procore and manual entry into MYOB. As well, providing visibility on status of costs and payments, allowing a streamlined project workflow from tendering through to invoicing, getting invoices out quicker, and getting paid sooner! With MYOB being firmly established in the ANZ market, the OneCore Connector will allow Procore to continue to secure clients using MYOB for accounting.

Field Tools

Manpower by Sine
Make it really easy for visitors, contractors and subcontractors to “check-in” using their smartphone, an iPad or the web, to the everyday sites they attend. This “check-in” data is sent automatically to Procore to update the daily logs to create an accurate, real-time record of number of contractors, manpower hours at each site and company details.

Procore for Outlook
Take emails from your Outlook and send them to the Email tool within a specific Procore project. Similarly, take emails with documents attached and send those attachments directly to a project’s Documents tool. Coming Soon: The ability to create an RFI from an email

HoloLive/MobiLive by VisualLive
HoloLive/MobiLive by VisualLive brings the power of BIM out onto the jobsite. Paired with the HoloLens or mobile/tablet, end users now have the tools to see how the model fits with the real world conditions. While you will be able to see your design interact with reality, you will also have access to measuring, scaling, issue capture (RFI/Observations), and tracking installation progress.

All of these integrations are available on the Procore Marketplace and are designed to enhance critical workflows on the jobsite. If you have a software you would like to see integrated with Procore or featured here we encourage you to post an idea on our Integration User Voice page.