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Introducing Action Plans, A Space Where Quality and Efficiency Come Together

Connecting compliance with the course of construction is a challenging task, but the ability to consistently deliver a high-quality product in a safe environment produces better outcomes for your employees and your clients.

While no two construction projects are ever going to be exactly the same, one consistency we can draw between existing and future projects is having a solid plan that incorporates compliance standards and regulations. Today, we are aiming to make that a more manageable and interactive process through the launch of Action Plans.

Action Plans is a new tool that leverages multiple Procore tools within one collaborative and controlled environment. This tool allows customers to create customizable plan templates that serve as the backbone to procedural execution. One look at the plan and all stakeholders know how their individual contribution impacts the final product. Contributing expectations, detailed reference documentation and records needed to prove quality and safety standards are linked within the plan, ensuring that everyone is working off updated documentation.

“Collaboration, networking and continuous improvement is what constantly drives Quality Assurance outcomes. Action Plans will see this realised with the added benefit of having time-saving implications and will most likely result in increased productivity amongst follow up trades and the agreed sequence of works.” – Beau Parker, Quality Coordinator, Probuild

Action Plans allows customers to know exactly how their team’s contributions impact and contribute to the overall project plan. Expectations and reference documentation is clearly presented creating better ownership and accountability, while documentation criteria can be linked directly to the plan for easier access to information and collaboration. This reduces the chances that compliance activities go unnoticed and undocumented.

“As successful organisations we need to be rigid in meeting our management responsibilities but we also need to be agile in adapting our approach to be able to deliver on a wide variety of different types of jobs. This is why we feel that Procore’s Action Plans will finally give us the opportunity to perform to our full capabilities.” – Terry Crawford, Construction Director, Forcia Limited

Learn more about Action Plans and start optimizing quality and safety plans on existing projects and ensuring they’re carried over to future work.