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Introducing Embedded Experience: Improving workflows by inserting apps directly into the Procore user interface

Today, we’re introducing Embedded Experience, a new way for Procore users to work with the applications they love. This new capability makes it possible to access and use third-party apps from within the Procore platform.

Embedded Experience allows Procore customers, partners and third-party developers to insert apps within Procore, so they can be engaged directly through the user interface. Embedded Apps improve workflows, simplify application management and allow users to customize their Procore experience.

Through Embedded Experience, users are able to continue through critical workflows without having to leave Procore. Additionally, Procore admins can easily search, install and manage apps so that their teams can find and use their favorite solutions – all in one place.

"My goal is to keep our employees in the Procore platform as much as possible, and Embedded Experience puts us on track with that. This saves time because it’s one less thing we need to train our people in. It’s so much easier to just say ‘go to the dropdown and click into this app’." John Andres, Operations Technology Manager, Andres Construction Services

Discover, install, and manage Embedded Apps for your teams

A key component of Embedded Experience is enabling administrators to add Embedded Apps using an easy one-click install. With this ability in place, managing and configuring access to applications for the project user, while integrating a diverse tech stack, is simplified.

“When I saw Embedded Experience, I was amazed! My site teams are already in Procore most of their day, everyday. Clicking two buttons to access new dashboards within the Procore view makes everyone’s life easier.” – Patrick Hennessy, Project Controls Engineer, Harkins Builders

Customize the Procore experience and streamline critical workflows

For end-users who may be working across multiple disconnected systems to complete a job, Embedded Experience makes life easier by placing all applications into a single view. Users’ favorite third-party solutions are now available within Procore, empowering them to choose the tools that work best and suit their preferred workflow. For example, admins can embed a Google Spreadsheet that includes a project schedule, and make it available to all project users, allowing them to make updates to the Google Sheet directly within Procore.

“We wanted to consolidate tool sets from different solutions into one view, and reduce the team's learning curve. What we have installed through Embedded Experience has been positively received internally and we believe that it will increase adoption of the various tools we use.” – Mike Ernst, VP of Insights & Innovation, Ryan Companies US, Inc.

Trusted and growing partner ecosystem

More than 30 partners are building their Embedded Apps, including OpenSpace, Earthcam, Structionsite, and others, which are available today through the Procore App Marketplace.

"We know that many builders rely on Procore to help organize their projects, so partnering on this integration was a natural choice," said Jeevan Kalanithi, CEO and co-founder of OpenSpace. "Our goal has always been to make the construction process more efficient and simple for builders, and embedding our virtual walkthrough technology directly into Procore's application is fully aligned with that goal."

Simplify your workflow now and begin using Procore’s Embedded Experience. For more information, connect with your Customer Success Manager or Sales Representative AND check out the App Marketplace.

Interested in embedding your app into the Procore platform? Sign-up on our Developer Portal and talk to your Customer Success Manager or Sales Representative.