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Introducing Procore Community: Connecting the people who build the world

Today we’re launching Procore Community, an online platform for Procore customers and collaborators to connect, learn, and inspire. We believe that when the construction community comes together, innovation and knowledge sharing take hold, and the opportunity to have a positive impact on someone’s life can be contagious.

As a Procore user have you ever asked yourself, “My team and I are familiar with how this tool works, but I want to know how other Procore customers like myself use it.” Procore’s mission is to connect everyone in construction on a global platform, and the Procore Community will provide construction professionals with a dedicated space to discuss and share all things Procore and construction on a global level.

Anyone with a Procore login can join the Procore Community by going to community.procore.com, or by clicking on the Procore Community tile via the “Support & Feedback” icon in the upper right hand corner of their Procore account.

Connect and collaborate with others in the industry by accessing these current Procore Community features:

Join or create community groups

  • Create a Public Group for anyone to join, or a Private Group that people must request to join
  • Create an Unlisted Group that you must invite people to for them to join (Unlisted Groups do not appear on the Groups page unless you are a member of that Group)

Ask questions and find answers based on feedback from your peers

  • New to Procore or the industry? Ask a question.
  • Answer your peers' questions and share your insights
  • Follow a topic to stay up to date with any conversations happening there

Locate and attend in-person events happening in your area

  • Procore User Groups, Workshops, Innovation Labs, and more.

Follow all the latest posts from Community members through My Feed

  • My Feed allows members to see a feed of posts from people they follow, questions they've asked, and groups they've joined

Join Procore Community to network with other construction industry professionals and build stronger connections through increased knowledge sharing.