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Introducing Procore.org: Empowering the Construction Industry and the Communities It Serves

A few years back we kicked off an employee-driven initiative that started as a small “spare time project” that quickly grew into a full-fledged program involving more than 100 higher-ed institutions across the globe.

The idea was to offer our software for free to universities educating the next generation of construction professionals. What began with a pilot class at California Polytechnic State University soon caught on with other schools offering degrees in construction management. Today, Procore is used to teach construction management in more than 130 universities across six countries, including Australia, the UK, Germany, Canada and others.

Seeing the impact of our work with universities there was a groundswell of interest from our employees to do more with our software to help the construction industry. I’m excited to announce that we’ll be continuing our efforts to positively impact the construction industry, and would like to introduce you to Procore.org.

The mission of Procore.org is to empower the construction industry and the communities it serves.

Through Procore.org we will continue to expand our work with universities to educate the future construction workforce. However, education doesn’t end in the classroom. We’ll be providing “best practices” training to support the advancement of the trades and skilled labor, with free online courses on non-Procore specific topics such as safety and professional development. These trainings will be available to anyone at learn.procore.com.

We are also working with nonprofit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Home for Our Troops, and AGC Charities, by offering our free access to Procore for the various projects being built by these organizations. These are some of the most exciting groups that are helping to build and rebuild housing and infrastructure within local communities.

We want to grow the impact and reach of Procore.org, and would like input from our partners in the industry to see what we could be doing together. So, if you would like to be involved please visit Procore.org and suggest a university, course, non-profit, or an important cause you think we could focus our efforts toward.

We believe that empowering the industry through education, training, and access to technology will advance construction and have a positive impact on the people and communities our industry serves.