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Leaning in to Manage the Safety Climate in Construction

It’s not business as usual across job sites globally. Every day we learn new information that requires us to take action, update our teams, change policies, and put into practice procedures necessary to help “flatten the curve”. This new environment has affected each of us uniquely, and yet elevated our awareness that we are all in this together.

We are seeing industry professionals ask for and offer each other advice across Procore’s COVID-19 Community Group. They are offering up information on everything from shutting down job sites, effective documentation, to Procore best practices that aid in delivering rapidly changing information to personnel. In witnessing these exchanges, it is clear to us that we serve the very best of teams, comprised of the very best of people .

In an effort to help these teams respond swiftly, Procore is pushing out an industry-sourced checklist and providing customer tips on how to leverage tools within Procore to document, communicate and mitigate risk during these uncertain times.

  1. On March 20th, Procore added a ‘Jobsite Cleanliness and Preparedness Checklist’ to the ‘Company Level Inspection Template Library’. This checklist is industry sourced, pulled from CDC best practice with customer feedback, and can be updated by any Procore Administrator. This checklist ranges from necessary daily communications to social distancing, cleanliness & hygiene, and workforce preparation audits. French and Spanish versions will be pushed out later this week.
  2. The Observations tool can be a great way to crowdsource information from the field. Observations enable everyone to be your additional eyes and ears, report upon unsafe conditions and alert leadership of possible opportunities to further mitigate risks around infectious disease.
  3. The Delay Log, within Procore’s Daily Log, allows for customizable types to be added to the default delay types. This will allow project teams to track total hours of delay as a result of COVID-19.
  4. Turn to your local associations and regulatory bodies for relevant toolbox talks. Fillable PDFs can be easily uploaded into Procore’s Forms tool and disseminated quickly across all projects, ensuring that appropriate conversations are happening each and every day.
  5. Lastly, some customers have asked how they can use Procore to capture and report on a ‘Recordable/Notifiable’ incident in the event that an illness or injury related to COVID-19 is discovered on the jobsite or in the office. Procore’s Incidents tool can be used for capturing such unfortunate events - see how here.

Weekly webinars begin March 31st, featuring peer use cases and best practices around “Using Procore In The Midst of Today’s Pandemic: How To Best Leverage The Tools You Have”. Sign up today, lean in to your peers, share best practices, inform Procore on how we can better help your business and always leverage the resources from the CDC website and your local trusted associations to ensure you have the most up-to-date information. Be well and stay safe. We are in this together.