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Leveraging Risk Data to Better Serve Customers: Procore Expands Exclusive Insurance Programs with Builders Risk & GL Wrap-up

Procore Risk Advisors is excited to introduce two innovative in-house insurance programs exclusive to Procore customers: Builders Risk and General Liability Wrap-up (GL). In partnership with top rated carriers, these offerings signify a transformative step forward for our insurance offerings and showcase Procore’s commitment to delivering modern construction risk management solutions that reward tech-enabled contractors with the better insurance terms they’ve earned.

Transforming data into risk profiles

Let's draw a parallel with Tesla - a pioneer in the automotive and energy industry. Tesla vehicles are more than just electric cars; they are rolling data centers, collecting and processing vast amounts of information through their onboard sensors and software updates. Tesla recognized that their customers could leverage this data goldmine for car insurance, and launched its own insurance offering to provide their customers with bespoke, data-informed insurance terms.

That's akin to what we're doing with Procore Risk Advisors. With a focus on securing the best possible coverage and rates, our brokerage team helps Procore customers utilize risk data from across our platform to craft a comprehensive picture, a detailed risk profile. We've now taken it a step further by introducing our exclusive programs for Builders Risk and GL Wrap-up.

Procore’s exclusive insurance programs offers key benefits:

  • Tailored Coverage and Pricing: The Procore platform enhances our customer’s risk management, and our programs aim to offer better pricing with more expansive coverage offerings based on their investment in technology to mitigate risk.
  • Exceptional Experience: We offer a streamlined application process combined with dedicated construction risk experts that can get you quotes in days, so you can focus on building, knowing you are properly protected.
  • Trusted Insurance Partners: Our unique programs are built in partnership with top rated carriers. For example, Builder’s Risk is exclusively backed by Allianz and Swiss Re.

Procore Risk Advisors is the only full-service brokerage built for construction. Our dedicated team of construction experts can provide the insurance and surety solutions your company needs to be successful. Try us out on your next project.

Watch our Construction Insurance Reimagined webinar to learn how to unlock your projects insights and get better insurance terms.

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