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Make this the Most Productive Year Yet with Procore's Free Construction Courses

Each month we recap the latest online courses available through Procore, and offer a glimpse into the courses that are on their way to a screen near you.

In January we focused on preparing you for your most productive year yet! Here are some highlights of the courses:

Construction Executive’s 2018 Economic Forecast

What's in the forecast for the global economy in 2018? What can we learn from 2017? As the construction industry continues to boom, take this course to get an inside look at the market forces that could impact your business in the coming year.

[](http://education.procore.com/series/continuing-education/intrapreneurship-in-aec-firms" target="_blank)

_[Intrapreneurship in AEC Firms](http://education.procore.com/series/continuing-education/intrapreneurship-in-aec-firms" target="blank)

We all know what it means to be an entrepreneur. But what about an intrapreneur? With company buy-in and the right tools, there are plenty of ways to get your ideas funded and into the world without having to leave your current job.

[](http://education.procore.com/series/continuing-education/win-more-business-with-green-building" target="_blank)

_[Win More Business with Green Building](http://education.procore.com/series/continuing-education/win-more-business-with-green-building" target="blank)

Green building continues to be an important topic and one that remains of interest in the construction world. How can green building help your company win more business? Take this course to learn more!

Check out all of our courses anytime by visiting [Procore Education homepage](http://education.procore.com/" target="_blank), and learn more about our [Continuing Education program](https://support.procore.com/continuing-education" target="_blank).