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DocuSign Integration Update Gives You Even More Reasons To Ditch Paper

We recently built and launched our DocuSign integration to put an indispensable, industry standard digital tool at your project’s fingertips. Similar to the release cycle of our core products, we are constantly working to improve the features of our integrations in an effort to provide the best possible experience.

We are very excited to share these latest updates in a video explaining each of the new enhancements to the integration. Several of the features discussed in this video include the ability to:

  1. See who is next to sign a document without logging into DocuSign.
  2. Automatically send PDF attachments to DocuSign and appended them to your document as one PDF.
  3. Send Prime Potential Change Orders to your owner or owner representative for their approval.

If you’re a Procore user the DocuSign integration can be activated here. You'll also be able to search close to 100 integrations on the App Marketplace.