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Newforma and Procore focus on reducing friction through vertical integration

This week’s partnership announcement with Newforma is another example of Procore’s commitment to improving the lives of everyone in construction. This initial integration between Procore RFI’s and Submittals with Newforma shows how vertical integration between project stakeholders can greatly benefit projects as a whole. More details about the Newforma integration are available on the Procore App Marketplace here.

While Procore has launched over 130 integrations on our App Marketplace many of those integrations have been horizontal integrations. Horizontal integrations focus on adding value by integrating systems internal to one project stakeholder such as ERP systems, Document Management and additional point solutions to drive efficiency in the field. However, vertical integrations are a different breed. Vertical integrations focus on improving efficiency between project stakeholders such as between an architect and a general contractor or a general contractor and an owner. These integrations allow for information to be seamlessly handed off between stakeholders, reducing friction, improving efficiency and eliminating costly delays.

The Procore and Newforma Project Center integration streamlines two critical workflows that are common on every project, Submittals and RFI’s. Contractors using Procore’s best-in-class field tools can continue to create and process RFI’s and Submittals in Procore while handing off the review workflow to design team members in Newforma Project Center. This allows designers to work where they are most comfortable and efficient. Once the design team completes their review or is ready to respond they are able to push their answers, notes and relevant documents back into the general contractor’s Procore workflow allowing for distribution to the field and integration into the record set of documents. As both the contractor and designer are working with the tools they use everyday the entire workflow will happen faster. The added benefit of both stakeholders having their own copy of the data is critical to transparency and efficiency.

This isn’t the only vertical integration offered across the Procore ecosystem. Integrations with tools such as Honest Buildings, RiskCast, Bluebeam, MRI, ManufactOn and others also allow for critical data to be passed between stakeholders on projects improving the overall efficiency. Procore is committed to not just improving the efficiency of our customers but the industry as a whole and integrations such as these are great examples of how we can work together to improve the lives of everyone in construction.

For more information on the Newforma and Procore Integration visit the App Marketplace.