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Opening Our London Office to Expand in the United Kingdom

Procore opened its first international office in Sydney, Australia just over a year ago as a strong demand for our software and services grew beyond the US market. Since then we’ve continued expanding internationally, opening bi-coastal offices in Canada, and today we’re excited to announce the opening of our London office.

Procore has opened an office in the UK in the tech district, commonly referred to as the “Silicon Roundabout.” We’ve seen strong usage of Procore among customers in the UK and believe that we can have a positive impact on the lives of the people doing construction throughout the UK. In order to support the market we are investing in our 11th office space and rapidly assembling a team that includes representatives from Customer Success, Product, Marketing and Sales.

Being in the UK allows for us to better serve customers in this region, positioning ourselves closer to the European market. Part of what it means for us to successfully globalize is to ensure we carry out our values of being user-centric, easy to use, and providing the fastest time-to-value globally.

With this in mind, the intent behind our global offices is to ensure we are making efforts to customize the Procore platform for the local construction industry. Construction is a hyperlocal business and Procore recognizes the need to build products that work for specific regions. We do this by making sure our product is a fit for the users in a region working with them through events like Innovation Labs to improve the tool even further.

As Procore continues to expand into the global market, our customers and company culture will remain the priority.