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Partnering with LinkedIn Learning to Provide the Procore Construction Management Professional Certificate

As we look toward the future of the construction industry, an undeniable fact remains: one of the biggest barriers to meeting demand is finding skilled labor. The construction labor shortage is an ongoing global challenge, and it’s never been more important to support the advancement and education of the next construction workforce generation. 

In 2015, we launched the Procore Learning Portal, a self-paced, role-based online learning platform that provides any construction professional or student with free access to instructional videos to improve their Procore skillset. Since its inception, over 600,000 Procore certifications have been awarded to users around the world.

To further our educational reach and live out our vision to improve the lives of everyone in construction, we’re excited to announce a new Procore Construction Management Professional Certificate exclusively on LinkedIn Learning. 

Delving into the Construction Management Learning Path

Earning a professional certificate not only validates one's knowledge and expertise but also signifies a strong commitment to professional growth and development. As the only construction management software provider to collaborate with LinkedIn Learning on a Professional Certificate, Procore is committed to empowering individuals in their journey toward professional excellence and success.

Whether you're an experienced veteran of the construction industry, a new construction manager trying to find your footing or an individual curious about entering the industry, the certificate offers nine high-level courses to learners seeking a career in construction management. In the following courses, users can delve into the shifting dynamics of the modern-day construction industry, best practices, and how new technology is shaking up old processes:

  1. Construction Management Foundations
  2. Planning and Scheduling
  3. Introduction to Lean Construction
  4. Managing Risk
  5. Project Delivery Methods
  6. Technology on the Jobsite
  7. Concrete Construction
  8. Reading Drawings and Specifications
  9. Safety and Health

Upon completing all courses in the learning path and passing a final assessment, users will receive the Procore Construction Management Professional Certificate, which they can then add to their LinkedIn profile and share across their personal and professional networks.

Get Certified Today

By collaborating with LinkedIn Learning, we believe we can narrow the skilled labor gap and help the industry nurture its most important asset: its people.

Ready to get certified? Earn the Procore Construction Management Professional Certificate and gain a better understanding of the foundations for a fruitful career in construction management today.