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Pat Wadors to join Procore as Chief People Officer: A Message from Procore’s SVP of People

Yesterday (September 16), I sent the following email to Procore’s People and Talent Acquisition Teams. Pat published this post on LinkedIn today.

Hi Team,

I have bittersweet news to share with you today.  

Earlier this year, I made the decision that it was time for me to retire. As many of you know, I have been with Procore for many years, and I’ve seen it grow from just 19 employees when I first started into the world-class organization it is today. While I’m excited to enjoy this new chapter in my life, I will also miss Procore’s incredible community and working directly with all of you. I’m grateful to have worked alongside so many talented people over the years—who I not only consider colleagues, but good friends.

Tooey will be sharing this with all Procore employees tomorrow, but it was important to me to share this with you before we announce it across the company.

I also have other exciting news to share: Pat Wadors will be joining Procore to lead and oversee our People and Talent Acquisition departments as our Chief People Officer (CPO). Pat's official start date will be later this year, once she has fully transitioned out of her role with her current company. I will be staying on part-time to help onboard Pat and to work in a consulting capacity for another six months. I am so excited for Pat to be joining the company and overseeing the People and Talent Acquisition Teams. I have been speaking with Pat for the past several months, and I’m extremely confident in her ability to lead this team and continue driving Procore’s future success.  

Thank you all for an incredible journey here at Procore, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions in the meantime. My door is always open.