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Procore Acquires LaborChart to Improve Construction Workforce Management

I have had the privilege of spending the past eight years on the product team at Procore researching and developing solutions to solve construction’s biggest challenges. In recent years, as the Head of Product for Specialty Contractors, I have come to learn that there are few issues as important as how contractors manage their workforce.

In light of the global labor shortage, many contractors are struggling to find skilled workers and efficiently manage their most important asset: their people. It’s critical for contractors to have a real-time and forward-looking understanding of all workers and assignments.

This is why I’m so excited that Procore has acquired LaborChart. Together, our integrated solutions will give contractors a holistic view of their workforce, ensuring they have the control they need to manage, schedule, and budget their labor. At a time when many contractors are turning down work due to labor shortages, Procore will be able to provide customers with a complete workforce management solution that helps contractors optimize their workforces, maximize productivity, and take on more projects.

Procore has acquired LaborChart, a leading provider of workforce management software for specialty contractors and self-performing general contractors.

Over the past few years, Procore has put a big focus on labor management by investing in our Field Productivity product with tools like Timesheets, Productivity Tracking, and the integration of labor data directly into the project budget. These tools have been well received and many of our customers have expressed interest in additional labor management tools.  

As we explored the workforce management space, we identified LaborChart as a leading solution. But more importantly, the LaborChart team is an exceptional group of talented and passionate individuals.

LaborChart complements Procore’s solutions and we believe that together, LaborChart and Procore can offer an end-to-end workforce management solution. Using Procore’s platform, contractors will be able to manage the full lifecycle of their workforce, from the allocation of labor through daily capture of time and productivity, to the analysis of labor cost in the office. We plan to deeply integrate workforce data into all aspects of Procore’s products, including Field Productivity, Project Financials, and Project Management. The connected labor data will generate actionable insights that allow contractors to optimize their workforce, maximize productivity, and forecast their ability to take on more work. LaborChart was already a partner in our Procore App Marketplace and had an existing integration that we are now excited to build upon. Our teams are already hard at work bringing these products even closer together.  

We are thrilled to welcome the LaborChart team, and are confident their expertise and passion will be a great fit for Procore. Procore is committed to improving the lives of everyone in construction, and together we will bring even more value to our customers while driving innovation in the construction industry.