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Procore adds Data in Construction series to its catalogue of free online-education courses

Construction has a long tradition of looking to the future to build what’s next, and companies that are driving resources towards innovation are investing in their competitive advantage. To support those companies and everyone working in construction, Procore is excited to announce the launch of Data in Construction, a free online-education series for industry professionals who want to instill a deeper understanding of their project data.

Data in Construction is a 5-part course series designed to give construction professionals the foundation they need to better understand and leverage data collection and analysis on the jobsite.

“From the super to the CEO, we use data to track project health and insights in real time. With the right information at the right moment, we can minimize risk, improve efficiency, and make sure everyone is on the same page.” – Patrick Hennessy, Harkins Builders

Procore’s Data in Construction education series covers topics like artificial intelligence, drone technology, and VR to see where our industry is headed—and what it means for your business. The course includes five curated lessons that include:

  • Introduction to Data in Construction: In this course we break down the basics. What does “data” mean and what data is collected during the construction process? How could that data help provide deeper insights for better decision making?
  • Analyzing Data: In this course we will look at some of the most important ways in which you can work with data and focus on how these practices illustrate data’s potential to drastically improve life on the job site.
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence: In this course we will start from the beginning and identify the key concepts that help workers understand what Machine Learning promises, and, more importantly, what its limits are.
  • Data on the Jobsite: In this course we’ll dive into the steps teams can take to begin to take inventory of their data and turn pain points into policy.
  • Data into the Future: In this course we will take a closer look at cutting edge tech like drones, BIM, virtual and augmented reality and how they play a role in the workflows that promise to help us build better, more safely, and in real-time.

Procore’s Data in Construction series is open to anyone. Procore users can register with their Procore login, and non-Procore users can register as a guest. Registration is currently open.

The Data in Construction series is part of Procore’s Continuing Education course library which consists of over 80 free courses designed to help construction professionals earn valuable credit and advance their careers. Visit the Procore Construction Continuing Education website to learn about the available course offerings and sign up to take a course today.