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Procore Alumni and Dropbox Team Up to Build New Procore Integration

Today, Buildr and Dropbox announced expanded support for users in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) through the launch of its integration with Procore. The integration allows all project teams to streamline operations and better organize their work through two-way file sync between Dropbox and Procore, as well as the ability to link project files stored in Dropbox to specific Procore projects.

You can read more about the integration on the Dropbox blog, or by visiting the Procore App Marketplace.

As I get ready to welcome approximately 3,000 construction professionals to our annual Groundbreak conference in Austin, Texas, it is examples like this – an integration like Dropbox, and the dozens of other partners who will be announcing new integrations with Procore during the event – that make me excited about the impact that a community of people, willing to innovate together, can have on the construction industry.

Buildr, the company that developed the Dropbox integration for Procore, was co-founded by three individuals, two of which spent years working as engineers at Procore helping to build and improve our products. Now, the team at Buildr is taking years of construction technology experience and applying that knowledge to developing products that drive value and solve problems for the construction industry.

We built the Procore platform to help empower others to tackle complex issues in construction, and do so by creating a more connected ecosystem that reduces unnecessary friction.

It’s amazing and truly gratifying to see companies like Buildr leverage the Procore platform to start a company, solve problems, and help bring more innovation to an industry that’s essential to the lives of every single one of us.

I look forward to sharing these and other stories on stage during the opening keynote tomorrow at Groundbreak (which our Events team has reminded me that you can watch live here at 7am PT / 9am CT), and I’m encouraged and excited to see what we can accomplish together, collectively, to help continue push the construction industry forward.