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Procore Partners with NHEO Institute to Build a Safer Future for Construction Workers

Procore.org is working to empower the construction industry and the communities it serves, and one way we aim to achieve this is through supporting non-profit organizations that are helping to build and rebuild within local communities. As Construction Safety Week approaches (May 7-11) we are excited to announce our partnership with National Hispanic Entrepreneurs’ Organization (NHEO) Institute, a U.S. non-profit focused on the construction and engineering industry.

NHEO Institute is committed to identifying ways to improve the safety and health conditions of construction business owners, construction workers and their families; especially those hard to reach, or those who need extra help due to cultural and language barriers. Through the organization’s Building a Safer Future campaign they are raising awareness to reduce and eliminate construction-related hazards.

“We are delighted to partner with Procore to improve safety and health conditions for all construction workers across the country. Their commitment to the construction industry and the communities it serves is aligned with our vision. This partnership will provide great resources to support our national campaign and better serve our community, and we look forward for a long term collaboration.” said Max Cruz-Gallardo, NHEO Institute Board member who works for Bechtel Corporation.

The partnership will help build on a movement for a safer future.

As part of the partnership NHEO Institute members have received early access to the Procore Safety Qualified program, our online learning initiative designed to give construction professionals the specific technical tools and knowledge they need to create a culture of safety awareness on every job site. Procore Safety Qualified consists of free online classes that focus on the five most common OSHA violations, and they will be open to everyone starting May 7. Visit the Procore Safety Qualified site for more information and to register for our free Procore Safety Qualified series.

“Procore's partnership with NHEO Institute signifies our commitment to increasing awareness about safety while focusing our efforts to support under-represented groups within the industry," said Danielle Edberg, Senior Manager, Industry Advancement.

We’re also thrilled to share that NHEO Institute will have a booth at this year’s Groundbreak conference taking place November 13-15 in Austin, Texas. At Groundbreak we've made a commitment to increase the diversity of people and topics throughout our content. For those not familiar, Groundbreak is THE construction conference of the year, with over 3000 attendees representing top ENR companies. In addition, we’ll be teaming up with NHEO Institute to produce a webinar in the fall that will focus on safety with a deep dive into digital inspections and specific tools to improve safety.

So, as we get ready to kick off Construction Safety Week we’re grateful to be able to work with organizations like NHEO Institute to improve the industry’s safety education and best practices. If you want to learn more about NHEO, visit www.nheo.org.