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SHAPE Australia Joins Forces with Procore

After SHAPE Australia completed an extensive review of its internal project delivery software, it became clear that they were in need of a simpler, faster, and smarter system. Procore's technology is now helping SHAPE to create a more collaborative project delivery experience for its customers, subcontractors and consultants by streamlining processes and increasing transparency across all project stages.

As of July 1, SHAPE has implemented Procore across 54 jobs, including massive projects like fit-outs for Amazon, Westpac and KPMG. SHAPE was drawn to Procore because of its commitment to research and development, as well as the open source platforms that allow integration with existing software, like Salesforce.

“Any good software should make processes simpler and faster for your people, and help them work smarter. Procore stood out to us because the team inspired us with confidence that we could work in a spirit of partnership for the long term.” - George Panacheril, SHAPE Group Executive of Strategy

We’re excited to work closely with an innovative Australian company like SHAPE. We think that Procore will make a true impact on the work SHAPE does for their clients and we can’t wait to grow with them to create a solution that will support their projects across Australia.

As construction productivity is on the rise in Australia, we look forward to continuing to collaborate with our users and provide innovative solutions that will modernize the construction industry.