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Procore’s Heidi Helfand Speaks at the First Women in Tech Silicon Valley Meetup

Procore’s very own Director of Engineering Excellence, Heidi Helfand, is speaking at the first Women-in-Tech Silicon Valley Meetup. The event is being held Thursday, August 24th at the Visa headquarters and will focus on why good leadership starts with listening.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of this Women in Tech event. It’s a great opportunity to open up the conversation about how listening creates more available and accessible leaders. As the common leadership style shifts from giving orders to encouraging ownership, we’ll begin to see more awareness and empathy in business. Applying curiosity and self-management allows employees at all levels to approach problems from new perspectives and make more informed decisions.”

In her upcoming talk, Heidi will explain how we can coach others to solve their own problems by combining active listening with asking open-ended questions. She’ll cover how encouraging employee autonomy helps foster an environment of building leaders, ultimately resulting in a more efficient and cohesive organization.

Heidi is passionate about these topics and sees organizational health improve through their application. In order to share this information with other companies, she wrote the book “Dynamic Reteaming: The Art and Wisdom of Changing Teams,” which discusses strategically changing teams to build a more sustainable business.

Check out more about her book and her upcoming speaking events on her website and follow her on Twitter, @heidihelfand.