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Product Drop: Get paid faster with all-in-one Invoice Management

Procore’s Invoice Management product allows contractors to accurately bill for work completed, simplify subcontractor billing management, and streamline communication across billing stakeholders; resulting in improved cash flow to help keep projects moving and people paid on time.

Easily invite subcontractors to submit their invoices each month and simply review them with the line-by-line approval and rejection feature. Users are not only able to approve and reject individual line items on a subcontractor invoice, but they can also comment on rejected line items and send them back to the subcontractor to revise and resubmit. Once approved, users can then prefill their owner’s invoice with all approved subcontractor’s invoices in the click of a button, with the ability to show as much or as little detail needed.

Customizations can be made to an owner’s invoice in order to meet any additional owner requirements. This allows Procore users to work more closely with the owner to format the invoices in order to match their needs and streamline approval. Customizations include collapsing entire divisions or line items that make up that division and editing the description of work.

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