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Promoting Your Capabilities and Experience to Win More Work with the Procore Construction Network

For many in the construction industry, the sign of a healthy business is having the majority of work come from repeat business. Past projects' performance doesn’t guarantee the next project, but it might offer a seat at the table.

Poor partnerships can have devastating effects on current and future business, making new relationships a risk for solicitors. But market dynamics like labor shortages paired with growing construction volume or a drive for diversification have pushed soliciting businesses to search outside their current rolodex for new partners. While solutions exist for measuring the quality of potential partners, the industry has lacked a dedicated place for stakeholders in construction to source these foundational relationships, or for contractors interested in these opportunities to be discovered. Until now.

Introducing the Procore Construction Network —one of the first free and public sites dedicated to the construction industry where contractors, architects, engineers, and suppliers across the U.S. can promote their business and find others to work on their next project. Any construction business can sign up today and create a unique business page, for free. While other digital solutions like LinkedIn or Facebook offer general networking opportunities, these platforms aren’t particularly effective because they aren’t built to serve the specific needs of the construction industry.

On the Procore Construction Network, construction businesses can publish the market sectors they specialize in, the services they offer, and what sets them apart from others. Compared to other construction directories, these listings won’t be gated to paying solicitors, but available publicly and optimized for search. This allows contractors to drive greater visibility through a tailored digital presence.

A New Frontier for Business Development

Unlike many industries, construction’s business development strategy is rooted in a physical presence. People do business with those they trust and as a result, develop long-term partnerships. Professionals in construction tend to bond through face-to-face interactions. Networking events and local community involvement are a common way to get to know others, including industry day events, pre-bid meetings, local fundraisers, conferences and/or awards.

In a business that highly values relationship building, technology provides new ways to be evaluated and ranked on the differentiators a company can bring to a project. For specialty contractors looking to expand their business, the Procore Construction Network will allow them to highlight and market their expertise, experience and capabilities to the local market and industry players. This will expedite the process and increase the likelihood of being shortlisted for a project by allowing owners and general contractors to make initial connections faster.

Get Discovered, Win More Work
The Procore Construction Network offers a digital solution to construction’s marketing problem. When a business is posted on the Procore Construction Network, estimating and project teams can quickly find a listing using location-based search and filters on the public site. If, for example, a general contractor is looking for a commercial contractor that specializes in concrete in the Dallas, TX area, they can simply enter a search query to get a list of relevant businesses, including complete contact information.

Additionally, businesses that sign up for the Procore Construction Network receive a free Procore account. This account allows users to manage their business page, view and respond to bid invitations they receive through Procore, and view and manage any projects they collaborate on in the future.

To start promoting your business on the Procore Construction Network, request to join today. Or if you’d like to learn more about the network and search for potential partners, explore the Procore Construction Network here.