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Pype and Procore: Simplifying Project Startup and Closeout

Construction project startup is riddled with a myriad of tasks that are all time intensive and important. Early on in the project you often have limited resources and are likely still closing out your last project, so how do you hit the ground running?

Construction Projects that Start Stronger and Closeout Faster
Traditional project startup is riddled with inefficient activities including procurement, budgeting, scheduling and understanding the project at hand. Many of these early tasks are manual and time consuming, resulting in strains on project staff. One key contract requirement, that is commonly pushed to the back burner, is a submittal/procurement schedule. Submittal schedules set the roadmap for submittal management process.

Our clients have indicated this process takes anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to extract critical data from the specifications and to input that information into the Submittals tool in Procore.

We wanted to cut down on that process and Pype Autospecs is the way to do it. With our patent pending tool, submittal registers are generated in minutes instead of weeks. Users are able to mitigate project risk by knowing key requirements that affect cost, staffing and schedule from the moment they receive the project manual. No need to spend weeks inputting critical submittal information from your project manual into spreadsheets or into Procore.

Many users requested an integration between Pype and Procore to be able to leverage the strength of both systems. Collaborative work between Procore and Pype resulted in enabling users to seamlessly import submittal logs from Pype into their existing projects in Procore. This reduced the amount of double entry and sped up the submittal setup process.

Construction OS still remains the single source of truth for project data while leveraging the machine learning and artificial intelligence available within Pype. This integration demonstrates how best in breed point solutions can work collaboratively with Procore to improve both products and overall customer experience.

Pype provides a beginning to the end of your closeout process
We knew that a smooth closeout process could go hand in hand with an efficient startup process by utilizing the project manual to clearly define closeout requirements.

Pype’s automated platform identifies project closeout submittals and tracks these requirement throughout the project. By automating the data setup it becomes much easier for project teams to utilize our closeout platform instead of building one. By leveraging existing submittals, documents and drawings from Procore, Pype Closeout allows users to streamline their closeout process. This reduces lingering staff on projects and provides an organized and professional closeout package that will impress any client.

With the ability to apply machine learning to both the project startup and project closeout process we simplify the submittals from cradle to grave. This has proven to provide value to construction companies across the industry.