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Setting The Building Blocks For The Future of Construction With Manhattan Construction

Formed in 1896 in Oklahoma Territory before statehood, Manhattan Construction Co. is among the oldest and most prolific privately-held construction companies in the nation. During a century of time, Manhattan expanded south to Texas, east to Washington, D.C., Georgia and Florida. Today, the company is widely known for building a diverse mix of projects founded on strong relationships.

As the company evolved and new technologies came into being, it added a number of point solutions to handle project management (PM). Each new tool served a functional purpose with the ultimate goal to better serve clients. On the financial system side, function and reliability are imperative and Manhattan stayed deeply integrated with a legacy financial tool they could count on – a situation that is common among solid, long-lasting general contracting firms. Many construction companies believe they need to choose financial software before considering PM software. In the case of Manhattan, the collection of point solutions that were bolted together over time resulted in a project management solution and an added drawings tool to meet their needs. The workflow was not as efficient as an integrated solution would offer.

By implementing Procore’s integrated project management solution for their construction business processes, Manhattan Construction eliminates the complications that come with disparate point solutions like multiple system updates and compatibility. Procore is an all-in-one construction technology solution where contractors find all their project information; a product where modules speak to each other and information flows seamlessly.

“Being a 120-year-old company, Manhattan Construction is a firm that makes decisions to ensure long-term success. By selecting Construction OS they are making a calculated investment in the future of their operations.” – Tooey Courtemanche, Procore CEO

Construction OS is a cohesive platform built to connect all applications, people, and devices. That means that, by partnering with Procore, Manhattan doesn’t have to worry about “financial software first,” but can instead focus on “best in class.”

“We underwent a year-long analysis of our processes and the landscape of software solutions. Technology evolves quickly, so when investing we look at the 10-year horizon. We feel that Procore is the project management solution provider that will evolve and adapt with us as we look to untether our teams from their desks and bring seamless collaboration and complete information mobility to the field.” – Matt Jones, Sr. Vice President of Project Controls at Manhattan Construction

Procore is committed to innovation and working closely with our clients to build products that positively impact the industry. Through our work with Manhattan, we will work to build job costing and integrations that cater to the industry needs. This is what Procore does best. We work closely with our clients to create a product that is useful and makes their job easier not more complicated.

In order to create an environment that is conducive to this client-product partnership, we host Innovation Labs and invite clients to headquarters where they are encouraged to give feedback to engineers and look for ways to improve the product. Client’s are literally helping us build the product and Manhattan is ready to be a part of it.

Procore has provided Manhattan with room to grow through a product that is intuitive and built for construction professionals by construction professionals.