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Strengthen owner-contractor relationships with seamless turnovers through Buildr integration

Time to digitize closeout

The old ways of lengthy, manual closeout, 3-ring binder turnover packages, and deal-with-them-as-they-come warranty issues have been the industry standard until now. Many organizations have taken steps to modernize portions of their processes, but COVID-19 has accelerated the need for a technology revolution in construction.

General Contractors are looking to replace face-to-face interactions, collaborate across teams, and keep everything in one place. Owners are looking for instant access to project documents that contain accurate and comprehensive data for facilities management. Having remote access to critical information is more important than ever and cloud-based handover workflows is the next step to help maximize profit margins. This is where Procore’s integration with Buildr comes in. The Procore-Buildr integration facilitates a seamless transition between construction and post-construction phases by automating closeout. The integration also provides the owner with a real-time warranty management portal to help simplify the maintenance of facilities for years to come.

A connected experience

Procore’s construction management project management software and it’s submittal builder tool is a great way to get projects up and running. Once a project is set up and construction is underway, Procore hands the baton to Buildr. Buildr’s integration with Procore is a fully embedded experience; users can log into Buildr with their Procore credentials and updates are synced across both platforms. Procore passes relevant data, including drawings, attachments, and project reports to Buildr, which then creates a turnover package for the General Contractor. This integration helps simplify the transition and closeout process for both the General Contractor and the owner.

"Buildr sources content from the Procore platform, helps us streamline the collection of out of scope closeout requirements and creates a complete project archive package in a fraction of the time. The warranty tool has also elevated our post-construction client experience and has been a defining factor with helping us earn more repeat business,” said Nichole Carter, Corporate Services Implementation & Adoption Manager, Big-D Construction.

The entire construction lifecycle

While growing complexities of the construction industry make it challenging to keep up with change, Procore and Buildr have developed easy-to-use, connected workflows that can be adopted by both office and field staff easily. Together, Procore and Buildr provide solutions that automate certain manual construction processes to help improve communication, increase productivity, and mitigate risk.

“Procore has expanded their open platform while continuing to promote industry collaboration. Their best-in-class APIs and embedded experience features allow any creator to build an app and easily launch it on the marketplace. To put it plainly, there is no better platform for construction software users and developers than Procore," said Ed Gonzalez, Co-Founder, Buildr.

With over 200 integrations currently available, Procore’s App Marketplace is a one-stop shop to find solutions that help extend a company's technology investment. The Procore platform allows companies to execute an entire construction project and Buildr acts as the transitional pivot into post-construction. Together, Procore and Buildr tell the beginning, middle, and end of a project’s story. Learn more about the integration and how to start applying it to your closeout process now.