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Strengthening company culture through times of crisis

2020 was a defining moment in our history, and 2021, unfortunately, is off to a rocky start. Humanity has faced extraordinary challenges including a global pandemic, a recession, civil unrest, and natural disasters. We also witnessed resilience, innovation, perseverance, and compassion as people came together to support each other.

As I’ve onboarded at Procore this past year (fully digitally, I might add!) I’m grateful to have experienced many of these positive attributes. I felt like I belonged here since day one. I’m proud to say I saw first hand how Procorians rose to the occasion with ingenuity, adaptability, and compassion. As Procorians, it is clear that we reach out and help each other, our communities, and the construction industry. And we live our values of openness, ownership, and optimism. It is these attributes that attracted me to Procore and remain embedded in who we are. When I ask employees what they love MOST about Procore, they say it’s the people. I agree.

When I look back at the full year, I’m proud of how Procore’s culture remained strong through a sense of community, support, and commitment to each other. When we all started working remotely because of COVID-19, we found new innovative ways to further manifest our engagement with each other, and proved that our culture at Procore goes far beyond on-campus events and employee perks. We saw how deeply and wonderfully Procore’s culture is rooted in who we are in everyday actions.

Curious to learn more? If so, I invite you to look back and celebrate the journey with us. And if you like what you see, how about joining us for Procore’s next chapter? Visit procore.com/jobs to learn more.