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Supporting Technology Training for the Trades and IUPAT

Today is National Trades Day, an annual day of recognition and gratitude for those working in the field, building the world around us. As the bedrock of the construction industry, the skill and precision of tradespeople play a vital role in the building process and in the future of the construction industry.

Industry and trade associations teach thousands of apprentices, journeymen and foremen on how to be prepared for the modern jobsite each year. As the construction industry continues to digitize, the expectation is rising for trades people to use technology alongside the other tools of their trade.

Through our social impact arm, Procore.org, we’re proud to partner with industry and trade associations by donating our software and educational resources to training centers. By providing access to Procore software, certifications, and in-person as well as virtual classroom training, skilled laborers are able to learn both process and technology through their training centers—a key factor to upleveling the skills of the existing workforce.

Partnering with IUPAT

Our newest trade partnership is with the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT). They recognize that embracing technology before it becomes ubiquitous is essential for nurturing the success of future leaders in the trades.

“Partnering with Procore and learning what it can do to advance us through the next level of technology allows us to be a tech-ready player at the table, competing at the highest level,” said Dave Panico, Painters District Council No. 30. “We don’t just want to be highly skilled, we want to be highly trained.”

At IUPAT, many individuals see generational disparity gaps as the primary obstacle to widespread technology adoption. By providing training to their apprentices on Procore before they begin working in the field, IUPAT members play a crucial role in bridging this gap and advancing the industry.

“Our contractors and general contractors are using Procore currently in the field,” said Chad Dalton, District Council 3. “The more training we can provide for our apprentices the more prepared they will be to lead.”

So far this year, the Procore.org team has conducted two in-person training sessions with IUPAT for over 35 instructors. During the training, training coordinators and instructors learn about the Procore platform, application in the field, and how to leverage it as a teaching tool.

“The IUPAT International Finishing Trades Institute provides a competitive edge for both our members and contractors by holding classes year-round to train journey workers in continuing education, and conduct train-the-trainer classes to introduce new technologies,” said Matt Fox, IUPAT Glazier Training Representative. “This partnership with Procore has helped maintain our position as leaders in the construction industry, with education and training being one of our main initiatives.”

Attracting the Next Generation of Skilled Workers

In recent times, the skilled labor shortage has become one of the most persistent issues facing the construction industry. According to online recruiting platform Handshake, the application rate for young people seeking technical jobs dropped by 49% in 2022 compared to 2020.

In alignment with our vision of improving the lives of everyone in construction, our partnerships with industry and trade associations ensure today’s workforce is prepared by providing in-person training and on-demand continuing education courses, regardless of whether they’re a Procore customer.

Our Trades 101 course is a three-part free and on-demand educational series about the fundamentals of the industry, the role the trades play, and how to navigate the journey from apprentice to established tradesperson. Since the start of the program, over 69,000 trade apprentices and journeypersons across eight different trades have been trained on Procore to date.

Throughout the course, industry experts walk through the vital role trades play throughout the construction project lifecycle, as well as the variety of trades apprenticeship programs available to those interested in pursuing a career in the industry.

Learn more and get involved by visiting procore.org/who-we-serve/trades.