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User Reviews Rank Procore First in G2 Spring 2021 Construction Project Management Usability and Relationship Index

Procore received the top ranking on the G2 Spring 2021 Construction Project Management Usability and Relationship Index. Through G2, software is ranked by reviewers on the Usability Index based on factors including ease of use, administration, and adoption data. Reviewers also ranked Procore number one on the Relationship Index, which considers ease of business, quality of support, and likelihood to recommend.

The G2 Spring 2021 Reports are based on an algorithm that calculates customer satisfaction and market presence, adding to those findings user sentiment aggregated from online sources and social networks. Procore is thrilled to receive this recognition from a customer base.

“A lot of our success is due to the intuitiveness of the Procore platform as they’ve built out an easy-to-use interface,” said Brian Filkins, Project Engineer, The Beck Group.

This recognition makes us more determined to keep the Procore customer front and center as we continue to base tool design and innovation on the expressed needs and recommendations of our users. Additionally, our customer support will continue to help the industry get their projects done on time and within budget as we hold to our vision to improve the lives of everyone in construction.

“I don’t think Procore gets enough credit for how amazing their support is," said Grant Robbins, CEO, Robbins Reed, Inc. "As our company grows, Procore allows us to onboard people efficiently and quickly, which is a time and money saver. It’s so easy and one of the single greatest things about Procore.”

In addition to ranking first on the Usability and Relationship Index, Procore is also in the leadership quadrant on the G2 Momentum Grid for Construction Project Management Software. The G2 Momentum Grid highlights products based on a number of variables including review growth, social growth, overall customer satisfaction, and more. We were also included among the top five on the Results Index–measuring ROI–and the Implementation Index–scored based ease of product adoption.

“Because the rankings on G2 are determined by unbiased user feedback, these insights validate our focus and partnership with the construction industry,” said Gabe Miller-Smith, SVP of Global Customer Success, Procore. “We’re excited to have ranked first within the Usability and Relationship Index, as we prioritize the people our platform serves above all else. We take our mission—to connect everyone in construction on a global platform–seriously, and are grateful when our efforts receive such validation.”