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Working To Bring Better Connectivity to Construction with DEWALT

In 2002, when the first version of Procore was launched the number of jobsites with Internet connectivity was far and few between. Since then the proliferation of mobile devices and access to WiFi has improved, and with it so has the way the construction industry manages and accesses information.

Today, DEWALT, a leading manufacturer of industrial corded and cordless power tools, power tool accessories, and hand tools, is helping to further improve the connectivity of construction jobsites through the announcement of its WiFi mesh system. The company also has plans to launch an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, to enhance productivity, profitability, and safety on the jobsite.

Procore and DEWALT have a mutual customer base in the construction industry, and we’re excited to be working together to help better digitize the construction jobsite and make our users overall experience better.

DEWALT’s patented WiFi mesh technology provides a key solution with its ruggedized access points built to withstand the harsh and variable conditions of a construction jobsite. DEWALT WiFi enables general and trade contractors to collaborate in real-time across large-scale jobsites and to easily access critical site information such as prints, schedules, budgets and RFIs.

The Procore Construction OS provides a cohesive platform that connects people, technology, and devices. Our goal is to create a frictionless construction process that includes access to the right information when and where you need it. We’re excited to see where Procore and the new offerings from DEWALT will be able to work together to remove friction from the construction process, but it starts now with being able to provide improved connectivity on the jobsite allowing for an overall better experience with cloud-based products that improve efficiency.

While at ENR FutureTech in San Francisco, I was joined by Tony Nicolaidis, Vice President of Marketing for Connected Systems at DEWALT, to discuss their WiFi mesh announcement. We talked about what’s next for improved connectivity on the jobsite, touching briefly on construction and the Internet of Things (IoT), and had the opportunity to discuss how Procore and DEWALT can work with each other going forward. This was the beginning of things to come, and we’re scheduled to continue this discussion again on Thursday, June 13th. You can sign up to attend that event here.