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Meet Procore’s First Ever Global Technology Evangelist

Walk through the halls of any Procore office and you will run into employees who formerly worked in construction and loved using Procore so much that they decided they wanted to work here. This is what’s incredible about Procore––the employees don’t just think they’re changing the lives of everyone in construction, they know they are because they lived the experience. One of those employees is Kris Lengieza, who is now Procore’s first Global Technology Evangelist. In this new role, Kris will dedicate his time to spreading awareness and advocacy for technological advancements in construction, bridging the gap between innovation and industry needs.

We sat down with Kris to chat through all things Procore, construction, and what his new role means for the industry. Here are some highlights from that conversation. 

Tell us a little bit about your background, how did you find Procore?

I had spent the last twenty years in construction, with ten years really focused on how I could make the jobs of those who get the work done easier. I realized that working for a general contractor out of Florida, I had a finite amount of influence, so I joined Procore. I wanted to bring more tech solutions to those working on jobsites – to help improve their work life.

Over the last six years at Procore, my passion for construction innovation has only grown. As the VP of Global Partnerships and Alliances, I worked to understand construction’s biggest problems and how Procore could partner with other companies and organizations to solve them.

You’ve spent the majority of your time at Procore working with partners and customers – what common themes have you seen as they leverage various technology solutions?

There are so many challenges that our customers face as they try to complete projects on time and on budget, and we have the solutions for them. But it's not just about the technology, it's about the people and the processes and how you bring all of those things together to create a complete solution. That is what will move the industry forward. 

One of the most prevalent themes I’ve seen, spanning various customers, is the ease in utilizing and leveraging data. It’s becoming easier than ever for customers to apply things like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and large language models (LLM) by using our large data center to improve their workflows. This also provides them insights that are differentiated from anything else in the market. 

What newer technology do you think will be a quick game-changer for customers?

LLMs are going to make it easier for us to have a natural conversation, and find information, while actually collecting data to provide additional insights. This isn’t possible without the ability to adopt and implement technologies within their companies. We have to help our customers be efficient in managing change within their organizations. It’s fundamental for tech to be widely adopted across the organization for it to be successful. 

What does being Procore’s Global Technology Evangelist mean to you?

There have been great evangelists in the SaaS space that came before me. Take Guy Kawasaki for example, Canva’s Chief Evangelist who was formerly with Apple. He convinced people to build on the Apple computer before it even existed. He believed that evangelists act in the interest of their customers, seeking out opportunities where they can benefit from the use of technology. 

As the Global Technology Evangelist at Procore, I want to be the trusted technology expert to the industry. This role will allow me to look at what technology can do now and in the future, and more importantly, how these solutions can help construction companies solve their biggest challenges. It’s a dream.

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